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oDesk Team app time tracking

How accurate is this system? A bit of info regarding my problem. I work two hours a day. I started 11:10pm on my first day so it only says 50 minutes. However when I continued to work until 1:20 it totalled to 2 hours when it should be 2 hours and 10 minutes. 10 minutes was unaccounted for. On my second day I started 8pm then stopped at 9pm. I started again at 10pm and stopped at 11pm. So it should add up to another two hours which should bring it to a final total of 4 hours. However, when I click on work diary, it says I've only done 3 hours and 20 minutes. I lost 10 minutes on my first day and today it seems I've lost 40 minutes. Where has my 50 minutes gone? A little more information: My job is done on an iOS device. However I have excel open to track what I'm doing on the device so far. When I start working I simply press start then focus on the iOS device. I update the excel file every 15 minutes or so, other than that, I don't touch the computer. Is it possible that this is why there are missing minutes in my logs? I also noticed that in my work diary, there are some timestamps with no screensnaps even though there should be (if following the 10-minute intervals). Why is this so? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Luzviminda,


In order to have an active contract with a client, you need to make sure the client sends you an offer and you accept it. You can check if you have an active contract if you log into your oDesk account and click on My Jobs tab. You will also see the contract in your Team App menu. Please, make sure you do not start working until you have an active contract.


I hope this helps

~ Valeria

I can't logged in time trackt please help me acctive my time tracker.I can't work pleas help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Channa,


I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're having with logging into your Team App. Please follow the instructions Valeria shared in the 3rd post above yours.


can't logged on team app. I can't work. any help?

Hi Marlon,


Sorry about the issues you are experiencing logging into your Team App. Please, try logging in with your user ID instead of your email or the other way around. You may also need to uninstall and install the Team App again. If that still does not work, please contact Customer Support.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

I downloaded the time tracker but not able to log in.. Contacted customer support and said they will get back soon.


They should test the tracker and then release it.. Eventually work suffers.


Had the same issues. Contacted customer support about it, no dice. I'm a chat support agent and never had any idle moments. Funny I would lose more than 2 hours of screenshot a day.


UpWork Tracking app should work on iPad tooo.


Thank you 

Is there anyway to use timetracker for iOS or iPad? I am currently working on iPad but no way to track hours...


I think I found a reason for this, I have same issue with my Upwork app which is now showing warning message i.e. my cached limit is reached so it won't count hours anymore. Then I started working around this issue and my Internet connection has been working properly but its only downloading speed not the upload speed. 
I checked my connection speed on and the download speed (1.85 mbps) which is okay for me but upload speed seems to be very slow which is 0.01 mbps. I think thats why the tracking time is not uploading to upwork servers just because of upload speed.
For testing this reason, I tried to send some pics to my friend, Its also not uploading.

Please let me know if there is any other reason. 


Hi ,


How can I open the time tracker? and also can we use the team viewer to remote my clients desktop?


Thanks and regards,



Hi Rhannel,


I checked your profile and communication you're having with a prospective client, and see you have started working on a job that you are not yet hired for. Please stop working on this job and ask your client to award you the contract first. The application you see in the "Active Candidacies" section has been accepted and the client would like to discuss the job further or have an interview with you, but that doesn't mean the job is awarded to you. In order to have an active contract with a client, you need to make sure the client sends you an offer and you accept it. 


Don't start working without an active contract, which would show in your "My Jobs" tab. You can find more details here.


You can start using the Team App only after you have been hired for this job. Please check this video and this Help article, and learn how to use the Upwork Team App.



Hi Support,


I too am facing this same thing because I am a server guy and most work is regarding server installation, migration and when I do migration, nothing has to be done, becaues then its only about starting migration and then looking at its progress to check if every thing is going good. So, no mouse click or keyboard stroke, and result is time loss.


I did not notice this till now, so I would have lost 1000s of hours because of this, so this is really bad for me. Please have a solution, because not all jobs require constant keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.


Please suggest me the solution for this.


Best Regards,

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abdul,


I'd suggest working on fixed price jobs rather than hourly, since they are more suited to your specific field of work.


Abdul, you could use fixed-price jobs, as Vladimir suggests. You could also use manual time (keeping in mind its limitations).


But, yeah... The type of work you are doing is simply not appropriate for use with the time-tracking software, which might end up not logging time for you at all, when you have long periods during which it does not perceive activity.


Always remember that the time-tracking software is not a time clock.

My upwork meter is not working proeprly. It showing me error again and again 'please check your internet connection and restart the app. My internet is working propelry. And I already re-install upork app. But still getting same problem. Please help me

Hi Suresh,

If you have'nt already, please download and install the latest version of the Team App. If you're still experiencing the same problem, please submit a Support ticket by clicking on your name at the bottom of the Team App and selecting "Contact Support".