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oDesk Team app time tracking

Active Member
How accurate is this system? A bit of info regarding my problem. I work two hours a day. I started 11:10pm on my first day so it only says 50 minutes. However when I continued to work until 1:20 it totalled to 2 hours when it should be 2 hours and 10 minutes. 10 minutes was unaccounted for. On my second day I started 8pm then stopped at 9pm. I started again at 10pm and stopped at 11pm. So it should add up to another two hours which should bring it to a final total of 4 hours. However, when I click on work diary, it says I've only done 3 hours and 20 minutes. I lost 10 minutes on my first day and today it seems I've lost 40 minutes. Where has my 50 minutes gone? A little more information: My job is done on an iOS device. However I have excel open to track what I'm doing on the device so far. When I start working I simply press start then focus on the iOS device. I update the excel file every 15 minutes or so, other than that, I don't touch the computer. Is it possible that this is why there are missing minutes in my logs? I also noticed that in my work diary, there are some timestamps with no screensnaps even though there should be (if following the 10-minute intervals). Why is this so? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.