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oDesk- You Almost Make Me Cry With Your Worthlessness

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Heather H Member Since: May 9, 2011
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Well, I have to say, I know oDesk has had some issues, but things have really hit rock bottom. I have been reading about account suspensions left and right, I have even seen many post about client account suspensions, not to mention my own long term clients that have faced this issue. Granted, no one but support and the people involved understand the different matters, but I have also fallen victim to this crazyness. I have been annoyed with most of the changes this past year like the rest of you, but this one takes the cake. I dont really take on new clients anymore, but I did this week. Right in the interview the client ask for my email and skype for easy communication, I dont mind, since I deal with most of my clients via email. So, I am working, ect. Client sends me a message here, then via email, I reply to both. Since I finished the work, and I was not at home, I sent it to him via email, which is also something I do with a lot of my clients-never had a problem. I did not hear back from the client since the 20th, I am not overly worried since the work was paid for in advance, and there was talk of more to come. I get an email from customer support about 2 hours ago suddenly that my account is suspended for lack of reply/not turning in work! Not only do they suspend my account, but they inform me that I must issue a refund for the payment made! To myself I am thinking, what the heck, how can you force some one to do anything with only one side of the issue? Crazy!!!! Fine, if client complains, it's ok, but support should send a message ASKING what is going on or to contact the client before taking any action. If a contractor still does not reply, then I can understand suspension or any other action. Regardless, I keep everything, including emails, I of course forwarded the messages to and from the client, including the one where the work was delivered, 5 days ago, as scheduled. The issue has been resolved but I am SOOOO livid that I cant even think straight. I have never had a problem with my account, so what on earth are they thinking about their resolution process? If they sent me even 1 message asking me to contact my client, or that my client had a complaint, not only would I have replied to the client and support, but I would have been able to inform them of the fraudulence of the clients cliams so THEY could be suspended. This type of behavior not only reflects poorly on the level of training support recives, but is also makes it a dangerous place for contractors since you never know when a client is going to make up shit and try to scam you! This is truly becoming a bottom of the barrel site, and I am thinking about buying out all my current long term contracts and taking them off platform. This is real BS!