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I am both a client and a contractor. Plus I worked as a hiring manager on one team. I have earned over $50,000 on this platform, that is a nice little sum of money that oDesk has got from me. Plus my clients and myself have spent money through this platform. So it would be closer to 60 grand if not more! I used to get plenty of interviews when I applied for jobs. Now I get no interviews. I know for sure that my application is being hidden. This feature is a blatant PUNCH IN THE FACE to established oDesk contractors. This feature does not work as I have posted a few jobs recently and the best, most experienced contractors are hidden. These are the ones who previously were earning the most money for oDesk. They charge decent hourly rates and have done a lot of hours. Now they are hidden just like I am. There are so many things wrong with this platform and most of them have been introduced in the last twelve months. For example how can a contractor who has done one job with one feedback be ranked ahead of me (I have done 261 jobs) in the contractor search results? It's just not logical. I have given up applying on oDesk because its a waste of time now with this hidden feature. Conversely I am having much greater success on Elance where the contractor search results are relevant, where you get rewarded for earning more, and I get a lot of interviews on Elance. Also oDesk pays next to nothing to the majority of its workforce and they hide the payment amount or hourly rate on their contractors profiles because they are EMBARRASSED to show the slave wages that they pay. It's obvious why oDesk has gone downhill recently because they hire inexperienced people for just a few dollars per hour in the majority of cases. GARY SWART TAKE NOTICE - your best and brightest contractors are now leaving the platform!
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Odesk wants to give newbies and the likes an opportunity to earn (more) and hopefully become established as well? That's the only reason I can think of.. other than something's broken hehe 😉
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Well, two days ago I applied for a job and (this time) I was not hidden, so I got an interview, than I got the job, (I did it, then I got 5 stars and then I got a bonus !). The thing is, I think I was not hidden this time because there were only 6 applicants and may be the algorithm doesn't work when there are so few applicants. Or may be because the job's name was neither translation nor proofreading, because it seems I'm getting hidden each time I apply for translation English to French or proofreading French ! Well, it's true that it would be better if we knew when applying that we're going to be hidden : last time I wrote a nice cover letter and answered 5 or 6 questions where I had to explain all my Professional experience etc... if I had known I would be hidden, I would simply not have applied !
I posted a private job and invited 4 people and they were all automatically hidden so your theory that if there are only 6 applicants, none are hidden is faulty. I have earned well over $200,000 on this platform and have not gotten any responses from applications I have sent out in the last month. This is definitely extremely unusual for me. Agree with John B. 100%, this site is totally broken. I keep getting emails from oDesk telling me they value me only this is not exactly the way to show it.
I haven't make any bid in a month at oDesk, but I used to get one invitation per day and I haven't got a single one since this change was implemented. oDesk used to be my primary target, but I do much better at Elance now.
I also posted a job a couple of weeks ago and pain-stakingly went through like 50 CVs and finally invited 16 or so applicants that seemed to match the style I was looking for, but only 4 actually accepted my invitation. I found that really strange. The one out of the 4 that I chose wasn't that experienced and he didn't really produce what I wanted at I paid for the first draft of the work that was done and decided that I might as well just do it myself...which would have been my first choice, but I simply don't have time, which is why I'm on oDesk in the first place.
oDesk was a very good platform I ever known. But now a days, it is marked as a very BAD platform on my opinion. I am working here since 3+ years. But the recent time, oDesk changed MANY terms which has created big problems for the old and experienced contractor. odesk has bound contractors to bid a minimum rate (for me, it is USD 3), but Maximum Buyer (almost 95%, i seen) wants contractors at a lower rate. So the experienced contrctors not getting any job. I am also without work since 5 months, though I am very experienced. I think, the rules were the best which was 1 years later. Shame to oDesk to not valuing old contractors whoes took odesk current situation.
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This is very disappointing to hear. Maybe that is why I didn't get a single interview from my job applications in the last 2 weeks even though I have completed more than 200+ projects here. There must be a better way to sort contractors than by hiding applicants. This is very unfair because some of us spend hours applying to these jobs.
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That is too Bad and now I am also thinking to Leave the Odesk and go some other freelancer sites
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Hi jon, I completely agree with your last sentence "GARY SWART TAKE NOTICE - your best and brightest contractors are now leaving the platform!" I used to get 1 interview from 4 applications.And from last month I dont get a single interview from hundreds of applications. I am also thinking hard where to go.
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Let's see.. the top earners have been complaining about changes and talking about leaving for other platforms - mainly eLance - for a long time now. oDesk introduces new functions that have been bolstering the activity of the low to mid range earners and push the rest away. eLance announces the buyout of oDesk aster a period of deliberation and testing... Coincidence, or hmmmmmm.... Let the conspiracy theories begin 🙂
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is coming...
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Well, in my case I'm not leaving nor staying. I have always been at all websites and bid on whatever projects I find good enough. I'm getting very little from oDesk lately and a lot from Elance, but I didn't make anything different than in the previous months.
i think that while a lot of us surely saw the buyout coming, we weren't exactly expecting it to be eLance. in this case i guess it's safe to say it's a "proven" conspiracy theory.
"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." - Maya Angelou
Try harder, or care less.
Or a large number of oDesk staff believe, or know, that they will lose their jobs (often happens with a merger) and therefore don't care as much and want to do as little work as possible so they can focus on job hunting? I've flagged some very questionable job posts - hiring someone to write and submit bids for them on Elance, a job that pays only when (if) the business ever makes any money - and been told that there was nothing wrong with them and oDesk wasn't going to take any action.
Pretty obvious that oDesk is out of funds which explains why they've been notoriously understaffed for a year now. Mismanagement at its finest. This is what happens when companies chase unprofitable growth at the expense of their long-term customers. oDesk is a sinking ship that can't even afford to keep up appearances anymore.
Why the merger happened While the two companies have mouthed the usual reasons why mergers happen – “We think we can do a better job this way,” the press release says, for both freelancers and the companies that hire them. In reality, there are several big reasons why mergers usually happen: One of the companies is or will soon be out of money One or both of the companies is losing the competitive/branding war One of the companies covets the technology, executive brainpower and/or client list of the other One of the founding teams wants to cash out The market opportunity is shrinking and combining forces increases odds of surviving a shakeout Any of 1-4 might be in play here — the companies are privately held, so their financial details aren’t public knowledge. oDesk’s CEO is the one stepping down, so that tells you who the weak sister is in this deal. The one new fact they released: The two companies have $750 million in combined annual billings. That’s not what they make, but the total freelancers billed on Elance and oDesk combined in 2013. I’m sure you can do that math: With 8 million freelancers, that means the average freelancer on Elance/oDesk makes under $100 a year. Before the platforms take their cut. Hopefully, if you ever thought these platforms were a place to make a living, you’re now cured. But I digress. Let me draw your attention to #5 there. Because that’s the one that is a sure thing here. ............................. There must be changes because the point of any merger is to create a larger, more efficient company with higher profits, so that the owners get even richer If the two companies were to go on as before, there would be no efficiencies realized and no additional profit. So steps will be taken to streamline the company. Usually, one company’s technology and systems will be chosen and their team will run both brands, while the other team is laid off to save money. That will leave freelancers at one of the sites to learn new systems. Sooner or later, there will only be one headquarters. Cuts or changes in editorial staff are likely as well. Often, in the end, they will loot one brand for its technology or client list, gut it, and then close it down to give the winning brand more combined power. Could happen eventually with oDesk. Read full article here
This make me so sad now. oDesk is my main income to pay bills, a rent, everything. 😞
Don't correct my grammar!
Very well written, thank you for sharing!
I think thats true!!!!!