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I am both a client and a contractor. Plus I worked as a hiring manager on one team. I have earned over $50,000 on this platform, that is a nice little sum of money that oDesk has got from me. Plus my clients and myself have spent money through this platform. So it would be closer to 60 grand if not more! I used to get plenty of interviews when I applied for jobs. Now I get no interviews. I know for sure that my application is being hidden. This feature is a blatant PUNCH IN THE FACE to established oDesk contractors. This feature does not work as I have posted a few jobs recently and the best, most experienced contractors are hidden. These are the ones who previously were earning the most money for oDesk. They charge decent hourly rates and have done a lot of hours. Now they are hidden just like I am. There are so many things wrong with this platform and most of them have been introduced in the last twelve months. For example how can a contractor who has done one job with one feedback be ranked ahead of me (I have done 261 jobs) in the contractor search results? It's just not logical. I have given up applying on oDesk because its a waste of time now with this hidden feature. Conversely I am having much greater success on Elance where the contractor search results are relevant, where you get rewarded for earning more, and I get a lot of interviews on Elance. Also oDesk pays next to nothing to the majority of its workforce and they hide the payment amount or hourly rate on their contractors profiles because they are EMBARRASSED to show the slave wages that they pay. It's obvious why oDesk has gone downhill recently because they hire inexperienced people for just a few dollars per hour in the majority of cases. GARY SWART TAKE NOTICE - your best and brightest contractors are now leaving the platform!
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The big difference is eLance CHARGES FEES for the stuff oDesk gives us for "free" (out of our earned fees), so if oDesk stays broken I am NOT going to eLance.
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Sorry, hidden? I know I live in a bubble but I have no idea what this is all about. Do you mean that even if a client invites me to interview that my reply is hidden from them? Why? Makes no sense to me whatsoever. Why let them invite their choice of contractors in the first place then?
Hola. I think upon invitation you are not hidden anymore. I happened during the past month, tho.
oDesk recently announced/admitted that they'd introduced a wonderful new algorithm that looks at every application and decides whether or not to hide it from the addressee, without in any way letting the applicant know whether or not their application was even delivered. It leavers freelancers like me and plenty more suddenly having no replies for weeks on end, but without even having any proof thatit's because our applications were hidden or not. It's very serious, but oDesk seem to think it's OK because they announced it in a random blog on some arcane page sometime last summer. Look around the forum a bit and you'll learn more.
Yes, but they fixed the "hidden even when invited" bit. The rest stays the same.
Recently I am also facing this problem with oDesk.As we know this that, oDesk provides high quality services to all of its contractors and clients. So, I hope oDesk will look forward to this problem and will try to solve ASAP.
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Just have a look at the vote results it has 9.0 value, but shows only 8 stars o_O what a shame.
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I'm really unhappy. I already complete 50 project. My profile hour 2800+ and my feedback score 4.35. so why I hide any all job post. I also a Client. Many times I cheek with my client profile. always I go hide position. oDesk need to change this system very short time otherwise we are helpless.
What is the English like in your cover letters? I ask because strangely while it seems not perfect but fine on your profile, (and you assess yourself as 5/5) the above post is like a 2-3 /5. How good is your English really?? You say you've "complete 50 project. My profile hour 2800+ and my feedback score 4.35." yet the link to your profile on this post says you've done five jobs, 2 hours and 5.0 score. maybe you're being hidden because there's two of you, or the algorithm can't work out who you are...
I think he used google on the spelling test to get 1st place. And he got fast hands and good internet connection to do it.:D
At least part of your profile is plagiarised or and/or you are using multiple identities. Considering the discrepancy between your English level on the the forum and your English level on your profile, I'd say plagiarised. Don't use oDesk's whacky algorithms as an excuse for not developing your skills so you can obtain work honestly.
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This is disappointing that oDesk may have start a new feature like this !! I got a minimum amount of job interview every week but last 2 month I just got 1 single job for only $25 !!!! I don't understanding whats happening here, but may be I have to leave oDesk.
Yes, it has a clearly visible impact on getting jobs. I really dislike this feature. Even the clients are just fine without this. Its better to remove this.
"GARY SWART TAKE NOTICE - your best and brightest contractors are now leaving the platform!" I guess he does't care about this.
The following is the (privacy edited) text of a support ticket I just turned in. I'll share the response when I get it. I and four other translators have been personally harmed (along with all the rest of you) by this so-called "software experiment": ******* Thank heaven for support agents like Ali, and best wishes to all the oDeskers AND CLIENTS being harmed by this idiocy. Don't give up!!! COMPLAIN!! ~Chika *[Removed by Admin]
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Well, there is only so much that support can do. I worked in a tech support role before and I feel that customer support is just there to allow people to vent. This department is seldom useful in resolving issues until the complaint is escalated to the engineering team. In this case I think the person you chatted with would have done nothing about this issue because the "feature" is already known.
***** Aleksey Bochkov *[Removed by Admin]
Yes, a lot of things done at oDesk last couple years make it looks similar to Fiverr. Thousands of unexperienced members compete with each other and drop estimates to $5 range. Best match in Search Results is a kick in a face to all sides - huge amount of not relevant results in all. Everything, looks like oDesk specified some "level", some constraint - if contractor break this level of experience, of quality, of projects budget - he can leave this place, because it is turning in waste of time here.. I am also almost leaved this place, but was toppest provider with lot of "oDesk Best Of" monthly awards.
I'm not sure what you mean by hidden - are you saying that even though you apply for a job, the client never sees your application? Your application's been blocked somehow? (This is a problem of sharing a common language.) Also - if clients browse for freelancers with certain qualifications, are some of those freelancers who should show up in the search, not being displayed? As for the wages paid by clients, I do believe that the clients themselves have the option of displaying their budget or not. Take good care, Dale
[quote=Dale M.]I'm not sure what you mean by hidden - are you saying that even though you apply for a job, the client never sees your application? Your application's been blocked somehow? (This is a problem of sharing a common language.)[/quote] Yes, that's exactly what's going on. Here's a funny experiment another oDesker did, check out the screenshots he made to see how the hidden applications are [not]seen from a client's account.
A client can unhide the hidden contractors. However, they have to be aware that some of the hidden contractors might be the prefect candidates for the job. I suppose many clients will assume that the oDesk algorithm is working properly and the hidden clients aren't qualified.