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I am both a client and a contractor. Plus I worked as a hiring manager on one team. I have earned over $50,000 on this platform, that is a nice little sum of money that oDesk has got from me. Plus my clients and myself have spent money through this platform. So it would be closer to 60 grand if not more! I used to get plenty of interviews when I applied for jobs. Now I get no interviews. I know for sure that my application is being hidden. This feature is a blatant PUNCH IN THE FACE to established oDesk contractors. This feature does not work as I have posted a few jobs recently and the best, most experienced contractors are hidden. These are the ones who previously were earning the most money for oDesk. They charge decent hourly rates and have done a lot of hours. Now they are hidden just like I am. There are so many things wrong with this platform and most of them have been introduced in the last twelve months. For example how can a contractor who has done one job with one feedback be ranked ahead of me (I have done 261 jobs) in the contractor search results? It's just not logical. I have given up applying on oDesk because its a waste of time now with this hidden feature. Conversely I am having much greater success on Elance where the contractor search results are relevant, where you get rewarded for earning more, and I get a lot of interviews on Elance. Also oDesk pays next to nothing to the majority of its workforce and they hide the payment amount or hourly rate on their contractors profiles because they are EMBARRASSED to show the slave wages that they pay. It's obvious why oDesk has gone downhill recently because they hire inexperienced people for just a few dollars per hour in the majority of cases. GARY SWART TAKE NOTICE - your best and brightest contractors are now leaving the platform!

I also had a chat with them but as usual, no response and same generic response.

Yes Amit I am agree to with you. when oDesk solve this issue after damage our future??? I am strongly request to oDesk, please solve the problem other wise we will lost our market. Thanks

Auto hidden system do not well for contractor and client. This system are destroying skillful contractor future and they are leaving this market place. So I have a request to oDeks authority please make a alternative way which will be good for both. Thanks

I hate to say it guys, but Elance & oDesk just merged a few weeks ago. While Elance was always better IMO, they aren't all that great either. If a new service were to start, what would be absolute MUSTS for you to want to be either a client or freelancer? I'm curious.