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I am both a client and a contractor. Plus I worked as a hiring manager on one team. I have earned over $50,000 on this platform, that is a nice little sum of money that oDesk has got from me. Plus my clients and myself have spent money through this platform. So it would be closer to 60 grand if not more! I used to get plenty of interviews when I applied for jobs. Now I get no interviews. I know for sure that my application is being hidden. This feature is a blatant PUNCH IN THE FACE to established oDesk contractors. This feature does not work as I have posted a few jobs recently and the best, most experienced contractors are hidden. These are the ones who previously were earning the most money for oDesk. They charge decent hourly rates and have done a lot of hours. Now they are hidden just like I am. There are so many things wrong with this platform and most of them have been introduced in the last twelve months. For example how can a contractor who has done one job with one feedback be ranked ahead of me (I have done 261 jobs) in the contractor search results? It's just not logical. I have given up applying on oDesk because its a waste of time now with this hidden feature. Conversely I am having much greater success on Elance where the contractor search results are relevant, where you get rewarded for earning more, and I get a lot of interviews on Elance. Also oDesk pays next to nothing to the majority of its workforce and they hide the payment amount or hourly rate on their contractors profiles because they are EMBARRASSED to show the slave wages that they pay. It's obvious why oDesk has gone downhill recently because they hire inexperienced people for just a few dollars per hour in the majority of cases. GARY SWART TAKE NOTICE - your best and brightest contractors are now leaving the platform!
The majority of freelancers are probably not aware of the mad robot, and are filling in applications day in day out and wondering why they're not being relied to, because oDesk is certainly in no hurry to make the feature well known.
haha.. don't know why but it seems that the algorithm makes me visible to clients in 2 locations - namely Australia and Utah.. is it merely a coincidence that folks inviting me to their jobs are from these places? I rest my case.. mate.
I am also sufferer. I have completed about 4000 hours on odesk and have good rating but I have no work now because of odesk's new algorithm. I hope odesk will strongly analysis the issue and solve this within very short time...............
There's a thread for this with more feedback "internal:node/32333"
We understand that there is concern and frustration with the test being run to help clients identify the best candidates for their jobs. We want to explain how this program works and clear up some of the confusion. Please see our post in the News section. We also want to thank you for your continued feedback. We have been reviewing the specific cases you’ve sited where you feel freelancers have not been ranked appropriately. These cases and others are helping us to iterate and improve the criteria we use for ranking freelancers and helping clients find the best freelancer for their job. If you continue to experience cases where you feel freelancers are not being ranked appropriately, please contact us at and include your oDesk username, a description of the problem, and if possible a screenshot of the issue you observe.
Hellow, I'm Pinki Zaman from odesk...My all applications are going to hidden folder without any reason..I've been facing this problem from last 1 month. I can't get proper jobs on odesk for this problem. My income is going low day by day & Its very urgent to get me release from this problem as soon..A few days ago my two clients help me to find out this problem.....I've told odesk customer support but, can't get any solution still now..
I am also facing the same problem....odesk....please do something 😞
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with 4.5+ star feedback 1. 4.5+ star feedback's or sometime 5 . 2. no past dispute with client . 3. test cleared . 4. Regular working . 5. Enough feedback's in work history for similar work . Still are in hidden Tab ? How come . You are destroying Most experienced Freelancers over here . So much loss of business and waste of time writing custom letters for each job Irritated and frustrated . Got no option to find other alternative to make lives if this aint gonna removed . Look here Got 22 Application 18 are Hidden and 4 are visible All best candidates are in Hidden . This is really bad feature . odesk must Roll it back as soon as possible. I also noticed when Job is posted they have added a new page called Top 10 recommenced Freelancer and i have found their profiles to be very new , below 100 hours or no feedback etc . This is big slap to contractors like us who worked so hard to gain feedback's and made odesk client happy and took odesk to this stage .
I also talked with a client and he also said that the best candidates are going inot the HIDDEN folder, so they have to keep oDesk as it was 4 weeks ago.
I believe the reason applications are hidden are because of copy & paste cover letters. If you type out the cover letter and actually answer the questions asked by the client, then I believe it will not be auto-hidden. Most of the auto-hidden responses have a low quality response rate to the questions. I actively go into the full application and click "Thumbs Down - These answers were not helpful" when contractors don't answer my questions and fill them in with junk like 'yes', 'yes', 'yes'. If they get many negative question feedback, then the system auto-hides them. That's my theory. That's how I would have built it.
Hi Chloe, no it doesn't work like that, since I never copy paste my cover letters, I'm writing a new cover letter for each application in which I focus on the job. Still I have been hidden on some job applications. Now, of course, when I'm applying to jobs posted by former clients, I'm not going over all my previous experience, since they already know that and if I did this they would think I'm crazy (telling them who I am, what I did etc when they know it already !) and I think this can be a problem with the algorithm...
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Ever since Odesk implemented questions and the hide applicants, the amount of garbage apps received is drastically lower. It may not be the perfect system, but its much better than before whereas we would get over 50 spam apps per job posted easily.
Matthew, you seem to have appeared from nowhere today and have all the worldly wisdom of an experienced oDesk hack. Some would think you are just very driven and passionate, others might think you're on a trolling rampage.. Now, in the last couple of weeks I can hand on heart say that in all the many many posts and threads about the new automatic application-hiding mad robot algorithm, there has not been one single user - freelancer or client - who has in any way expressed a positive opinion of the new algorithm/mad robot. Passionate or troll / troll or just passionate?.. I think it's a but obvious really
Chief, We've been on this site for a very, very long time. We never bothered to read the forums for the most part, but decided it was time to help out clients that are getting ripped off by contractors. We like Odesk and we have their best interests at heart. As far as the hiding applications, again, we like it. We don't get 50+ spam applications per job posting anymore. The questions system we like as well. Sure, we can add some phrase at the bottom of the description to see who is even reading the job, but this helps us out. The people complaining are all contractors. Where are the posts from clients saying they dislike this? Obviously Odesk will cater to those with cash in their pockets, that's how business always has been. Whether you think that's right or wrong is not important, that's business. There is nothing trolling about our posts, we know we're right. We have many contacts in other countries, employees and friends and know exactly how contractors think and the reasoning behind it. Sure, a contractor will say we're trolling, it's not like they would agree with us as they wouldn't be protecting their best interests. Lets cut the "BS" about this.
[quote=JD M.]Please add the option to TURN OFF "AutoHidden" No algorithm is perfect, some are error prone and I know of at least one that seems to do the opposite of it's intended use! I am perfectly capable of reading and hidding people on my own. I have found the best candidates to be in the "Auto-Hidden" So far I have hired two time and both where "auto-hidden" Thanks![/quote] [quote=John B.]I just posted a job and the best candidate was hidden! LOL. Their bid price was about what my budget was, they had done almost 2000 hours and had 4.98 overall feedback. Then when I unhide that candidate and sort the list of candidates on "best match" they were at the top of the list!!!! LOL. WTF is the problem with oDesk implementing crazy features that don't work all the time!? This feature just makes my life as a client more difficult![/quote] [quote=A K.]I'd like to inquire as to how does oDesk determine when to autohide an application to a job posting? So far it seems quite arbitrary as I see candidates with great ratings having their applications hidden by the oDesk system.[/quote] [quote=Dianne M.]The system does not work as it should. I posted a job the other day and some of the best freelancers are under the auto hidden part, even one who worked on one of my projects before and is the exact fit/person I am looking for.[/quote] [quote=Damien E.]I agree that "auto-hide" is a silly change. It does not work properly. I listed a new job today and, by chance, checked the hidden applicants after a few hours. Some of the best applicants had been hidden!! What's worse - when I actually unhid and shortlisted one of these freelancers, oDesk then auto-hid that person AGAIN, even though she was shortlisted! Please stop auto hiding people or let us have the option to turn off auto-hide. It is clear from this thread that the system is not working.[/quote] [quote=Heather H.]I doubt it will happen. I posted a job looking for US natives only with no other criteria. So funny that 16 US based natives were auto hidden but 12 that dont live in the US were shown as hiring options. Needless to say, I hired 3 of those "hidden" contractors not only because they fit the time zone I needed, but also because of their long histories, great existing feedback, and well rounded profiles. . I am also now telling people when their applications are hidden by odesk[/quote] [quote=Jennifer S.]Yes, as a client, I saw several applications like that. I literally could not understand why some applications were hidden. Yet, applications that were visible didn't have the skill I desired. In order for this feature to change, the clients will need to complain about it. Contractors can complain all day long. The change was made at the request of the client. Hate to say it, but Clients trump Contractor on this platform.[/quote]
Whoaaaa! 6 people out of thousands said something, Yep Odesk surely is getting right on this to change it because of those 6, even if those are real feedback and not some smoes making false odesk accounts. Yes, I can totally see that stunt being pulled with the winners on here. Is it a perfect system? No, there is no perfect system. Does it work for the most part? I say yes, far from perfect but does the job.
You surely have noticed, in the extremely long period you keep us entertained, that there are many people just "popping up" to complain about this horrible idea of hiding applicants. There is a dozen of similar threads on this issue (which implied already 12 people being against this "feature") and just you defending it. Majority decides and even 6:1 would be a more than clear victory for us "ill-educated folks". :) The forums are, unfortunately, not as popular as your job offers where 50+ greedy people apply to. That's a fact you just cannot deny.
[quote=André Ueckert]The forums are, unfortunately, not as popular as your job offers where 50+ greedy people apply to. [/quote] He wants 50+ HUNGRY people.
Oh, true. Ill-educated, hungry people who adapt themselves to the average salary of their region according to payscale. Hope I got it right this time. :) Thanks! 😉
Why would we want to hire that's not hungry to work? That doesn't have the dedication to a project others clearly do not. You really don't make much sense to be honest.
I'm not intending to be rude, but I couldn't follow your sentence structure. So, let me see if I get it right. You prefer to hire cheap labour force. Sure, so far so good. That sounds logical to me. But still, people decide how much they want to be paid for a job. You just accept it, negotiate it or reject it. You don't have more options and you cannot change it. And how do you know that someone offering his/her services for 30$/h is not as hungry for a job as somebody, for let's say, 10$/h? Higher professional fees do not reflect lazyness to work, greediness or whatever you connote with that. Contrarily, higher payrates do imply professionalism, resoluteness and even reliability as well as credibility. As you may remember, I am a translator. As a client looking for translators, I would certainy trust applicants charing 15-20$/h than those charging 5-10$/h. Why? Because they seem to be hobby-translators seeking their first jobs. I would automatically assume that they provide less accurate translations as there are others charging way more per hour. The higher the price, the better the service (well, we should assume it at least). Of course it is up to you, if you want to hire someone whose professional rate is below average, average or above average. That's competition. But you cannot complain that there are freelancers out there demanding more than others. This reminds me of German supermarkets. There are 5 supermarkets offering my favorite cookies for let's say 1€ and another supermarket charges 1.30€. So what? Am I complaining about their prices? No, I just get my stuff from the other ones. No need to worry. Competition. If the supermarket can still survive, fine. But it's just not my business.