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I am both a client and a contractor. Plus I worked as a hiring manager on one team. I have earned over $50,000 on this platform, that is a nice little sum of money that oDesk has got from me. Plus my clients and myself have spent money through this platform. So it would be closer to 60 grand if not more! I used to get plenty of interviews when I applied for jobs. Now I get no interviews. I know for sure that my application is being hidden. This feature is a blatant PUNCH IN THE FACE to established oDesk contractors. This feature does not work as I have posted a few jobs recently and the best, most experienced contractors are hidden. These are the ones who previously were earning the most money for oDesk. They charge decent hourly rates and have done a lot of hours. Now they are hidden just like I am. There are so many things wrong with this platform and most of them have been introduced in the last twelve months. For example how can a contractor who has done one job with one feedback be ranked ahead of me (I have done 261 jobs) in the contractor search results? It's just not logical. I have given up applying on oDesk because its a waste of time now with this hidden feature. Conversely I am having much greater success on Elance where the contractor search results are relevant, where you get rewarded for earning more, and I get a lot of interviews on Elance. Also oDesk pays next to nothing to the majority of its workforce and they hide the payment amount or hourly rate on their contractors profiles because they are EMBARRASSED to show the slave wages that they pay. It's obvious why oDesk has gone downhill recently because they hire inexperienced people for just a few dollars per hour in the majority of cases. GARY SWART TAKE NOTICE - your best and brightest contractors are now leaving the platform!
Hungry for work? . Are you looking for getting your job done or looking for beg you for work and you show your bad attitude to them and give them work ? The point to be noted. 1. New people are always hungry for work even though we don't know they have enough skills or not . We put our money on risk and time a ) Out of 10 time 7 time they fail you , Already have happened to me . They say " I tried enough hard to complete what this bug raised which i am not able to solve because i don't have that much knowledge . b) You waste time and some time money if they dont refund you or bill you hourly . 2. In the other hand, if you hire experienced Freelancer with proven history and similar work you are in Advantage always . So Stop insulting people here, Leave the forum. You are done here. You are not from heaven, we people hear you.
There's a reason why we are clients, and you're a contractor. The 50+ people are not greedy, there using an automated bot to post or just copy/pasting.
I am Client myself with history of 10 K $ spent on Odesk . We as a client hire freelancers to get our job done . What kind of job ? 1. The work our client have given us We are also freelancer in this Chain 2. We have our own project, which we will promote and sell to outside World, You are still a Seller here 3. Our Ecommerece or Informational Products to sell services or Products , Again you are seller and in services of people who buy from you and pay you . Its all about making money and earning for lives . Either Clients or Freelancers all are Human and working to make their livings . Your attitude looks like you are born with golden Spoon and have enough Money from your Father and never made money in your life and you are in the upper classes than what we Freelancer/clients are?
Wrong, what some people do in your sort of location/business is charge more than they should, and pay local employees in their office from the cut they charge the client here. Is that wrong? Well, not exactly, but why should I pay you more for the milk when I can buy the cow?
Buy Cow than 1. Give Cow a Feed two time a day . 2. Give it a Bath 3. Take care of it and than you produce Milk after a lot of Effort . what you doing here on . Buy your cow in your area . you are not more than a I don't have time to argue with you . YOu are client and I am Freelancer , Stay happy and go to sleep , It's probably late there .
[quote=Bharti S.]Buy Cow than 1. Give Cow a Feed two time a day . 2. Give it a Bath 3. Take care of it [/quote] That's not our responsibility. We're hiring an employee, not adopting a child. They are hired to work an assigned task, when done log out and go about their day, spend time with family - whatever.
[quote=matthew i.][quote=Bharti S.]Buy Cow than 1. Give Cow a Feed two time a day . 2. Give it a Bath 3. Take care of it [/quote] That's not our responsibility. We're hiring an employee, not adopting a child. They are hired to work an assigned task, when done log out and go about their day, spend time with family - whatever.[/quote] Well you said you need cow and from it you will produce milk i explained you having cow is not an easy task . MR Price ( Matthew ) Have some Water and go to sleep . You are so argumentative . Note for other Freelancer . I am ending this text here . Because Matthew have so much time to get into argument with all Freelancers over here . Guys don't write to him whatever he writes here . His points are baseless since he is Prince of USA and born with Golden Spoon .
Any update? 😞 why odesk is not responding guys????
completely agree with Stephen! 🙂
If we have to see someone newbie on Odesk that's Matthew, who does not even have a basic understanding how the system works. This is not about spam applications . Let me tell you 1. I used to write custom letters and when i started knowing that my letters are going in hidden, I started copying, pasting with some editing because i don't want to waste my time where I don't know my effort will be paid off. I am a client myself and I have seen the junk applications and copy/paste have increased because i am getting unrevelent cover letters . 2. I see all people with more than 1000 + billed going into hiding tab, That's not spam huh? is it ? .And all newbies in their best recommended tab with no history or some few feedbacks . Even though they copying, pasting. How does the alogrithtim work for them? 3. You came from nowhere and praising the system. What is actually known about this system huh? Look at raiting the this forum post have . 4. This system is made in mind to advantage newbies . No Experienced freelancers . I know Odesk is licking Elance foot and going sell Odesk to Elance in upcoming months. Since merging stated, we are not having pleasant experiences on Odesk at all. All the system is buggy . 5 . In other words Odesk telling all experienced contractors 1000 + hours billed ," Thank you very much you guys helped us enough to grow and now you can leave platform because we don't need you , one of the support members said we will respect your decision Bharti . I said what the H** ? 6. Who are New to odesk ? People who recently came to know about odesk platform and started their career in real market and are in experienced or less experienced in their skills . So if Odesk gonna recommends those people to clients what you think , will they beat the experienced freelancers' works who are, on the platform for more than 3 years ? Never . I think that's enough to tell you know that you are wrong here . and excuse me for my English . I am not a Writer I am website developer thanks
I know exactly how it works and can probably bet they use an algorithm based on which contractors are being hidden by clients manually. If there not doing this I'll be surprised. If it is, obviously the system improves or learns more based on how clients use it, the more profiles they mark, the more the system learns. In any case, that's hearsay. I find more often than not, contractors that are hidden, is done so for good reason. Is it 100% perfect? Nope. Have I found a decent contractor before while being hidden? Yep, but.. More often than not it does a decent job. Like your profile for example. Regardless of your overall score, look at the bad ratings, quite a few low ones for skill, quality, and even some total job rating of 1's. Personally I'd never hire you, if I had to guess, you're over estimating your skill and rather trying to learn on the job or really have no idea the task your working on. Example: That Mozenda job on your profile, which by the way I'm very familiar with. Why would you bid on this? It was obvious you had no experience for that job and the client rated accordingly, perhaps this has some role in why you may get hidden. You could be an honest, hard working contractor, but bidding on things you have no experience with is a very bad idea. I stated enough on here already contractors over estimate their skill and it not only hurts you, it hurts clients and future clients. You're overall rating is meaningless to some extent, unless it was ratings for which is similar to the job you're applying for. If you have an overall rating of 4.8, but these were all small one time jobs with a few hourly jobs mixed in for building an HTML site, and applied for a long term hourly job using framework entity, .asp framework, and have no ratings reflecting you did these sort of jobs with that skill, you essentially have a ZERO rating in the clients eyes. We don't just look at an overall score and hand a job out, it's not that simple, although I wish it was.
I never asked you to hire me . I have enough clients who are there to give me jobs and have 1000 + Direct Clients . I am CEO of foritcample Agency , Check ** and dont complain again my website look terrible and have bad English . I know you got complaining Attitude . I have 30+ people working for in house and 10 Full time on odesk . So don't compare . I am not egoist as you showing to other Freelacner " That's why you are Freelancer and i am Client " . You are done here . leave now *"Removed by admin"
You're asking why you're profile is hidden and told probably some of the reason why and you get pissed off at the answer. This is exactly why clients have issues working with you. Amazed at the lack of logic some contractors have here. Oh well, now I have you're name and adding it to our blacklist. Wasted 10 minutes of my time trying to HELP you..Unbelievable....
I am also going into the hidden tab, I don't know why? I have 5 stars feedback and around 600 hours...clients for which i am working are also happy! Still, I can't find the reason...if I am using a custom cover letter and having relevant experience.
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I think odesk does not care about our problems. Because, I have live chat with theme more than 10 times about job application hide issue. They said they will fix the issue, but didn't. It's really time wasting to make application in oDesk. We love to work with oDesk. But, odesk does not follow us. Please do something, otherwise Best contractors will must leave oDesk.
I also had a chat with them but as usual, no response and same generic response.
Yes Amit I am agree to with you. when oDesk solve this issue after damage our future??? I am strongly request to oDesk, please solve the problem other wise we will lost our market. Thanks
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Auto hidden system do not well for contractor and client. This system are destroying skillful contractor future and they are leaving this market place. So I have a request to oDeks authority please make a alternative way which will be good for both. Thanks
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I hate to say it guys, but Elance & oDesk just merged a few weeks ago. While Elance was always better IMO, they aren't all that great either. If a new service were to start, what would be absolute MUSTS for you to want to be either a client or freelancer? I'm curious.