oDesk only on hourly basis

Is it good idea to make all contracts in hourly basis ? So can avoid all disputes regarding the payment and only serious people will approach oDesk.

Hi Jijo, Some people prefer to work that way because the hourly roles carry a guarantee. I've found some reasonably good fixed price roles and some nice clients on line, so it would be a shame to not take on fixed priced roles. I understand why you would ask this question though, I've heard a lot of people say that after they completed a fixed price role successfully, the client decided not to pay. You can't completely avoid disputes though, because clients can still dispute your work on an hourly contract. The best thing you can do is research the client as much as possible. Look at things like their history and feedback from other freelancers who have worked with them. Work in milestones and use your gut instinct. At the end of the day, the choice is yours whether or not to accept fixed priced projects.

I have nothing against hourly or fixed price jobs, but I do prefer the fixed price jobs though I know that Odesk does not guarantee for them. I started to be a freelancer because I like to work when I want and as much as I want (though as a freelancer I work more then I was an employee). If the customer is happy with the final result and I complete the project in time and I am fair with the price, I do not see why I shouldn't use the fixed prices. Also in my job creativity is essential and I cannot impose myself to be creative in a specific time, perhaps other freelancer feel the same. So, I think that depends on job category, on freelancers and clients preferences, some jobs can be charged hourly, some fixed.

I understand your point, Dorina. When working on more creative roles i.e writing etc, an hourly arrangement probably won't work. It does indeed depend upon the job category.

I agree with Gillian, maybe the best way to do when bidding for fixed priced contract is your instinct. If you feel that this client is trustworthy then go for it, so far I've been scammed once here in oDesk but it made me to learn on how the platform runs. Goodluck with your work :) Best wishes, Najie

"So can avoid all disputes regarding the payment and only serious people will approach oDesk" I do fixed price jobs and I'm a pretty serious person :p Sensible and careful as well though..and I've never been not paid.

I will only work fixed price and happily accept the risk of not being paid. I quit punching the time clock sometime around 1981.

Same for me. I feel more comfortable if I can decide when I should be working. As long as I meet the deadline, and get paid, it's fine for me. I just take my risks as part of the job.
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I do most work in my sketch book that comes with me wherever I go. Can't really imagine going to the beach with a giant stopwatch ha.

I do both hourly and fixed depending on the job, but for hourly I prefer manual time, even though there's no guarantee. I'm not always pressing keys/moving the mouse when I'm working, it breaks my concentration to keep having to check that the tracker is on and there's a privacy issue - the client doesn't need to see links to Favorites at the top of my browser, my Google search history, the last websites I visited or pre-filled form entries, for example.