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oDesk riddled with scams

Community Guru
Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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"We are looking for serious individuals to run our online store : Example for our store:  Requirements & skills Must be USA based individual sole proprietor with valid USA address + phone number + bank account + credit card"


Really? Your contractor needs a bank account and credit card to manage your store?


If that's not enough to raise an eyebrow, as a sole proprietor, you'll be personally liable for absolutely every illegal thing the client is asking you to do!


Let me get right on that one. And we are supposed to get excited about paying $2 per application (premium connects) for this sort of junk? Me thinks oDesk needs to thnk twice before introducing new features, and how they may affect the community. I honestly think connects are a great idea, but I also feel they wern't implimented with enough thought put into how it may affect the bigger picture. 


Not meant to continue bashing on connects, just making a point that there are some very obvious things that oDesk needs to focus on while they are trying to clean things up and steer the 'new' professional oDesk into existance. 


The platform is not getting much better. It just seems oDesk management are implimenting more moving parts to a machine that is already out of their control. .... Just adding more problems they can't fix without causing an increasingly greater number of frustrated clients and contractors.


I get that people will adjust because they have built up profiles here and therefor oDesk may feel they can get away with a lot of turmoil.  People NEED oDesk.... so oDesk really can mess around more than some other types of businesses. What's the breaking point? I feel oDesk is slipping more than it gaining right now. Long term, probably will work out very well. Short term however, they could easily do much better to reduce the expected losses that any change brings to a community

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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There should be a way for contractors to report scam job listings like this. It would benefit everybody if scam job postings were quickly looked at when reported and removed.

Community Leader
Julie T Member Since: Sep 29, 2011
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I flagged and directly reported a bunch of bait and switch job postings to support (one person alone had 20 posted) on Friday afternoon EDT. As of right now, they are still posted. 

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Andrew C Member Since: Apr 19, 2015
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I agree Tony. It's a real shame that ODesk isn't tackling these types of problems more. I see a frightening amount of illegit postings like that for my skillset as well. It makes me real cautious about applying for any type of job on here. I'm afraid of working for a client and then later realizing that whatever they are doing is basically illegal and then I get caught up in the middle of it. There has to be a way to clean a lot of this up on here. I was on this site more often a few years ago and since I've been back, they clearly have not done much of anything to address the scammers on here. It's discouraging to me.

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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By the looks of it, Prestons' idea has the main focus. The problem is that it might actually cost time, money, and/or effort for oDesk. So implementing it might still be in the works for quite a long time.


I too have been seeing a LOT of job posts lately from "clients" that don't even have a verified payment method. New or not, that should have been a minimum at the very least to post jobs. Perhaps that won't help but at least it shows something resembling an effort by a "client".Yes, there's always the case of having a star rating but no verified payment method. That leaves the job post still as "try it" but that's not always a great idea. Still have to consider it quite a bit before applying to that situation.


Right now I'm seeing 11 out of 21 job posts on My Job Feed (constantly changing but not really for the better) that don't even have a verified payment method or any star ratings. So basically half the listings right from the start are auto-ignored by me. The rest are dropped to a vastly smaller batch of possibly "try it" because of either too vague a description or a ridiculously low pay / offer. That effectively leaves 2 or less "try it" posts from just My Job Feed. And even at that, it's still a gamble (not entirely in the freelancers favor of a gamble).


The not so funny part is the "demand" for freelancers to do everything and then some just to get a rating / score that can easily backfire on freelancers. Of which that's primarily what it has been doing. At the same time, where are ANY requirements for clients to even post a job? Currently the only requirement for a "client" to post a job is "knock yourself out......go bonkers.... make up something if you like". That's about all.


v My turn......


When you withdraw your application because you found out the oddball way that a client is attempting a scam, is anything done about that? The oddball way meaning you agreed to the work during an interview (messages) and requested the contract to be sent. But the client never replied or sent the contract. No big harm done other than the loss of time and 2 connects. I can live with that loss but I'd rather not.


^ Thanks for info on this.


Sorry if I floated too far off topic here.


Edit Update:

While I was writing ^this post, 2 more unverified payment, no star rating job posts showed up on My Job Feed. It seriously didn't take me THAT long to write this post.


@ Tony...... it's clearly not improving. Not yet anyways!!