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oDesk suspending accounts without any reasons?

Hello everybody,


It looks like oDesk have been suspending accounts without giving any reasons lately. This month, they suspended my account about 2 weeks ago because they said I had two accounts. And another account that they said belonged to me was of my client who lives in US. I never ever logged into his account. Anyways, they looked with proofs and chats but they still reviewed my account for 5 days and finally resumed it plus they admitted that I was wrongfully blocked.


Then just yesterday, I again get a new notification that my Financial transactions have been limited. I contact the chat support, which says issue is resolvable and I'll get a response soon. Then after waiting for about 5-6 hours, I get a response saying

  • "Hello Amy Singh,

    I’ve reviewed your account with our team and it seems your account was closed due to irregularities detected by our system.

    We regularly review member accounts to ensure activity follows oDesk policies and guidelines. If you wish to review our Terms and Conditions, please visit:


    I**a *.
    oDesk Risk Management Team"

So, there are no conclusive response, no straight forward answer. Just blocked because of no reason. Sent several messages in response to this but they dont care to reply even. And I can bet on anything, I never violated ANY of their rules or regulations. I'm not sure what to do of this but I thought posting this is in the community forum might get me some help.






Join the club.




I'm new in ODesk. I compelete my account... But they suspended my account.I never violated any of their rules or regulations. I'm not sure what to do of this but I thought posting this is in the community forum might get me some help.





If you just opened an account and created a profile, then oDesk did not suspend you. They take a couple of days to review your account to make sure it meets certain standards.If there are problems, they are supposed to send you an email to explain what to fix.


If it's okay, they'll let you start applying for jobs.




It's completely different in my case. You see, there responses are totally cut pastes and non elborative. I mean how is it fair to fire a freelancer without any reason?


Hi everyone,


I encountered the same thing too. They suspended my account last 2014 september and after complying everything , I emailed them asking if my account has already been lift up, they did not respond and seeing my profile back to normal and my quotas full then I believe everything was okay.


Now, january 2015 they replied to my 2014 email saying that my account has been suspended still! I replied immediately telling them I already complied but their response told me that I cannot do anything about it and just should proceed with complying again.


Now it has been almost a month, it has passed the 2 weeks review period. My clients already left feedback, they say they'd get back to me with a feedback, but until now no response from them.


This is getting really frustrating. I need to work too!!

Thats really very disappointing. This is something I can really relate to. They don't reply within a good time frame and neither are they providing any conclusive answer to the freelancers. I'm not sure what they are upto. What sucks the most is that whatever the person handling your case does, it's called fair - you just can't expect help from anywhere else.

Hi Amy,


I have followed up with the Team about your account suspension. They will get back to you with more details as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria

Been more then 52 hours. Still I got no response on my ticket.

Hi Sher,


I have checked and your account is currently being reviewed by the oDesk Team. We appreciate your patience.

~ Valeria
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