oDesk to Paypal Withdrawal Problem

Hello oDesk, **Latest Update Issue Solved** =) Got my fund back to my oDesk account today! Seems like Paypal rejected the payment which is weird as I've been with them for a couple of years now. Anyhow I am happy that I finally got my funds back and this time withdrawal to Paypal happen successfully. I am now thinking of using the LFT method. ----- Issue: I withdrew my money to Paypal as usual yesterday but up to now the money has yet to show up on my Paypal account. I tried contacting you guys through your Online Chat service and they told me yesterday that they have escalated the issue to your finance department. But even now I have yet to receive a word from your finance department. Also I noticed that they keep closing my tickets which gives me the idea that this issue is not being escalated at all. I am a very active member of oDesk since I joined it almost 2 years ago and never missed a week of withdrawal from you guys until now. Please anyone do I need to call you directly as your Online Chat service keeps closing my tickets so I assume they never really escalate the issue to someone who knows what to do. I am willing to call you guys so we can speak directly and be with you until you fix the issue. By the way, I confirmed the issue is not with Paypal as I called them already and they said they haven't receive any payment from you guys and my account is in perfect condition as usual. There is also no log of receiving the money or anything from you guys yesterday. I also asked my cousins to send me money to Paypal to confirm that my account can receive money. I have not done any changes on my oDesk account or my Paypal account at all too. One thing I noticed when I withdrew yesterday is I only received one email and did not receive the email with Paypal logo on it. Kind Regards, Daniel

*Update 1 This is the second day and my cash is still not in my Paypal.

*Update 2 Guys 3rd day now and still no sign of money on my Paypal account.

Did you open a ticket for seeking help? I still got an issue with wire transfer. It seems like odesk has a problem with the payment progress.

Yes I opened a ticket but it is the 3rd day now. Can't help but feel sad as this is the first time this happened. How long have you been waiting now? What did they tell you?

My issue has been solved today, please wait 10 business days if the fund was not hit your account. After that, Please ask the support team for tracing your fund. Dont be worry so much. Everything will be fine

Odesk team reply is very bad. I have not configure any email id with paypal then how is it possible Odesk transfer or make withdrawal funds to that email-id. Also, I configure one paypal id that is not displaying in withdrawal fund. what the ** of odesk team. I try to convey to the odesk support team, but they reply me that is your problem and you did it. I chat with ** 11:39:17 AM to 1:06:20 PM or approximately 1 and half hour, but I could not get positive reply. **(member of Odesk support team) knows that he/she can not solve my issue although he tries to convey me. after a long chat he told me I can't do anything. What the **. I am ruining from odesk. They are using fix deposit as a interest. Why they have to put amount in pending condition. Also, after a six day Odesk is transfer the amount in wrong email id which is not even configure from there server. When I created paypal setting at that time they redirect to paypal site and then after I can able to use it in odesk. So, How can Odesk allowed non-configure id. At the time of withdrawal I can not see my configure id. This is a very big issue. Not I am a single person doing this mistake. If your team does not want to upgrade the worst system then why your support team taking too much time and last reply is final Sorry we can't do anything, it is your problem. We did the mistake that is why we come to odesk Support team and if your team does not able changes in issues then what is the meaning of your support team. I got the reply, "Sorry it is your fault". ODesk has three big issues. 1) Too much time taking in fix contract. 6 days in pending condition. ( Odesk uses our fund so they get interest on it.) Millions users uses odesk. How much is Odesk earn from us? 2) Odesk transfer the amount before some hours ago of due date. Once again this prove that Odesk uses our money as a interest rate. 3) Odesk team can not solve any issues and can't change anything regarding some problems then why their support team does not send any complaint to their management team. I used Freelancer.com. When they transfer my amount automatically to their account, I solve it within some hours. Their team cancel the transfer amount. In odesk, Odesk support team has not any right to change this. Hope, Odesk can understand my problems. I wasted my two days to fight on these issues. *"Removed by admin"

Hi guys, how can i refund my money from paypal back to odesk?

That's not possible, unless you mean to hire someone as a client.

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