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odd interview from Technical Website Content Enhancement Writing --

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Cat L Member Since: Dec 13, 2019
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Client kept trying to give me his 'business contact info' -- I already had one more weird feeling about the whole thing, and now the guy tries to take me off Upwork? As often as I'd say I'd prefer to stay here (where I KNOW I'll get paid lol,) this guy tried to convince me otherwise.


The project at first sounded righteous: needed a site content overhaul. Not a problem, but when I added that I can do on-page SEO as well, he asked "What's SEO?" Kind of made my antennae rise, know what I mean? Someone who's supposed to own a fairly high-tech bidness doesn't know what SEO is?


He did indeed know what Google Analytics is, he wants that as well. As yours truly hates GA with a purple passion, I did tell him he could find plenty of souls here who are experts. He sort of responded with "YOU don't know, fool?" type thing. Honest to gawd, the entire thing gave me the weirds. 


What do you guys think?




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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "What do you guys think?"


I don't spend time thinking about people like that.

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Cat L Member Since: Dec 13, 2019
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For real? It isn't just moi? Thank you, Preston. I knew the offsite thing was a loser, but the rest of it? And here's fair warning if any other tech writer goes after that gig - the dude is distinctly weird. All I'll say.


Thanks again, Preston.