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odeskteam hangs and is unable to start again

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Aleksandr S Member Since: May 24, 2012
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Recently I faced a substantial problem with odeskteam. I left my workplace for a few minutes and when I went back the odeskteam instance stopped responding to the mouse and the keyboard events. Since it is a usual issue in Linux (I am running Ubuntu 12.04 amd64) I killed the instance and ran the app again. This time the UI part hasn't shown up, although later attempts to run the app from a terminal showed some meaningless output. Fortunately my client was kind enough and allowed me to add time manually. I instantly filed a ticket to the support, but even a week later the were no any update except the standard template of "we appreciate your patience" and other useless sentences. This paragraph is mostly addressed to oDesk team: I wanted to let you know how really your support works on critical issues. Unless I was allowed to manually track my time, I simply wouldn't earn a penny that week. But I am not one of those ranting guys, so I just put a problem cause here. I hope you will send it to your engineers as I am not even sure they would get it if I send it via support. So the problem is with the log file. Trying to understand the origin of the problem I started to eliminate all configuration files I could find one by one. That is how I figured out that deleting .odesk/log/odeskteam.log fixes the issue. The next time the application hung up, I examined the file. The content was fine. Then I opened preferences dialog in hope to see anything about logging. And I understood the problem completely when I saw the limit of 1MB for the log file. This was exactly the size of my current log. Now I turned the logging off and hopefully it won't hang anymore. For those contractors faced the same problem, here is a probable solution: go to Menu -> Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> General and click "Stop logging". P.S. Writing this post I also figured out that my solution fixed the problem of malfunctioning hot keys. None of them worked, and I decided that the reason was that odeskteam had lower event priority that some other application. After I turned the logging off it started to work back again. Barely these parts of the program are related, so I assume memory corruption here. Another sign of this hypothesis can be corrupted background of the tray icon. I noticed that it contained a small copy of the screenshot taken by the program. I decided that this was a feature, so I didn't attach importance to that fact.
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Grit S Member Since: Jan 5, 2014
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Hi Alexander, I am encountering a similar problem under Ubuntu 13.10 64 Bit. Although ODesk supplied a new tracker version now, I'm looking at lost time due to Tracker hang-up. However, probably due to my own informatical incompetence *lol*, I am unable to locate the logfiles. How do I finde them?? Any idea? Thanks! Brgds Grit
Dmitry D Employee Member Since: Sep 30, 2005
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Hi Grit, While in the file browser, press CTRL-H (or go to menu > View > Show Hidden Files). Then navigate to your home directory and you'll see lots of directories with names starting as "." - locate ".odesk" and see the log inside it. Hope that helps. Dmitry.