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old jobs proposal

I have old jobs that are more than a month old and the client of the job post did not choose anyone to leave the job post  alone without any reason after people applied for it. Isn’t my points supposed to be returned to me now after more than 32 days have passed? Why is the job still in my proposal

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My understanding is that they are indeed supposed to re-credit the connect tokens, although if the tokens were accrued from the free allocation, they may say tokens expired whilst in waiting period.

Some proposals may still show, as we would think could be as sometimes even though the deadline has past, sometimes Clients will award or select past this date, rather than put a new project up which then requires everyone to submit a new bid & pay connects again.


Hi Mohamed,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked your submitted and active proposals and can confirm that the oldest in your bucket was posted a month ago. If you also check the job posts, you'll see that even if the job post was posted a month ago, some of them have recent activities or the last activity on the job post was less than 30 days ago. Please keep in mind that job posts will only expire if there's no activity on the job post for 30 days.


Please also be reminded that Connects are only returned:

  • If a project is canceled by the client before a contract is made, Connects you used on that proposal will be returned. This does not apply to expired job posts.
  • If we remove a project’s post because we believe it violates our Terms of Service, Connects you used on that proposal will be returned.


If you have applied for a job and it’s no longer available because of a violation or you used Connects on a job proposal that turns out to be fraud, we will return them. In these cases, Connects are credited back to your account for reuse — not for a refund of their cash value.

~ AJ
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