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partial refund from escrow

I have resolved a dispute with a client and am prepared to issue a partial refund, but can't find any directions on how the refund process works in this instance. If I click "Withdraw this dispute. The issue has been resolved and the amount will be refunded from escrow to the client" does the entire amount get refunded, or can I select the amount of the refund?


Thank you. 


The neatest solution, provided you trust the client, is for you to withdraw the dispute and for the cclient to pay you the agreed sum as a bonus.


This will only work if you trust the client to actually pay the bonus.


The client can also issue a bonus first and you withdraw the dispute after, or you could do a countdown via messenger and do it at the same time.



Thanks. That's what I was afraid of. I don't trust the client to pay me after I refund the money, however. 

If it's in dispute and you are assigned a dispute person, I wouldn't do anything until the dispute person discusses things with you. The dispute person will hand out the money at the end of the dispute.