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partly in escrow, agreed budget not released

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Christine G Member Since: Nov 3, 2017
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of course not, but dealing a different price or been paid artly outside Upwork is I guess Smiley Happy

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Jennifer R Member Since: Sep 15, 2017
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@Christine C wrote:

Hello everyone,

Client agreed for a sum and put only a part in escrow and... and of course, client doesn't pay the remaining payment. I saw another post related to that behavior; the client agreed on 30$ (save in "client budget") and put only 20$ in escrow. Of course, the client did approve the 20$ and not 30$. My report indicates that there is 10$ remaining.

Is there something I should do to get this 10$ the client first agreed to pay ? I speak with her and she said "of course, I will pay the remaining 10$", but she did not act. Since then, no more answers.

As I was recording for an international organization, shall I say that I will contact someone at this institution in order to denounce that they will be using my voice that has not been fully paid for the job ?
The funniest part is that the VO work was about policy related to harrasment... scammed by someone who is producing a video about not harrassing women. Great !

 If you know, who will use your work you can inform them that you still own 1/3 of the rights  because your client only paid partial. Until you are paid in full just object to the use of your work. I am sure they don't want to make it to the headlines because you file against them.