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payment refund


I have recently finished a work for my client and the client gave me 20hrs to finish the work and accordingly I finished the work on time and I charged my client with the manual time and half of my payment was received by the next half of 78$ was still showing pending and today it got refunded back to client without any intimation. The work was completed and for the past 20 days I was waiting for the payment but today it says the payment refunded


I dont know why and how this happen. Please do something in this regard

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Navneet K wrote:

I dont know why and how this happen. Please do something in this regard

It means your client never paid Upwork for those hours, and as manual time is not protected in any way, the (unpaid) transaction was reversed. It is not a "real" refund, because the client never paid it in the first place. Gad you tracked your time correctly with the tracker, Upwork would have paid you out of their own pocket.


Manual time, if used at all, should be reserved for trusted clients and only for money you can afford to lose.

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Hello Navneet,

Always use a time tracker for hourly work. If you charge your client for manual time, how you can claim your payments without technical proof. However, your client has done half of the payment but for the other round, there is no response. Reserve manual time only for trustworthy clients.

Best of luck.






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