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hi i have just got my first project on upwork i would like to know how will i get paid for this its hourly basis contract and it started on last wednesday... i want to ask that my week will complete on this coming wdnesday so will i get my amount on this wdnesday or thier is any other process

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If there are no "problems" then the payment for this week's work (up until Sunday night) will be available on November 30th.


What's the job btw? Your profile is private. "Problem" can sometimes be determined by seeing the job 

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my profile is private because i was not active on upwork for a while and didnt do any job so made my private i hope it gets public once the job is done .. and the job is to do ui for an app and integrate apis is started on wednesday and i have been working on hourly basis since wednesday

Are you properly tracking your billable work time using Upwork's TimeTracker app?


If so, and the client's payment method has already been verified by Upwork, then you should have no problem getting paid for the work you've done. The Upwork hourly work week always ends at midnight each Sunday night Greenwich Mean Time (UTC).


For new freelancers, payment for each work week is typically paid out to their designiated bank 10 calendar days after the end of the Upwork work week. So, your first work week will end today and payment will be released by Upwork two Wednesdays from now, unless there is a problem with the client's payment method or the client objects to time segments you have billed him for.


When the money is actually made available in your account depends on your bank.

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Okay it does sounds like a normal legit job.

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Community Manager

Hi Nain, 

I reset your profile visibility back to public. 

Your earnings on Upwork are processed according to the Weekly Billing Cycle. Payments released for fixed-price contracts go through a 5-day security period and will be available to you once the security period is over. 

For hourly contracts, all the hours logged are automatically invoiced to your client, and funds become available following the Weekly Billing Cycle. Kindly check the schedule below:

  • Week 1 – Freelancer logs time using the Upwork desktop app and Work Diary.
  • Week 2 – Hours within the weekly limit invoice to your clients on Monday. They have until Friday to review the work. Then the review period ends.
  • Week 3 – Earnings become available on the following Wednesday.

You may read through each tab to know when you should expect the payment to be available on your account. If you check your Reports page (Reports > Overview), you will see where in the billing cycle the payment is. If the payment is in the Pending tab, it's already in the security period. Your earnings for the hours you logged are already in "In Review." This means that it is currently in Week 2, and if the client doesn't dispute your hours or there are no issues with their payment method, you should be paid by Wednesday next week. 


You might want to review the information shared in this help article for more details.

~ Avery
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Hello, ma am thanku so much for setting up my profile to public and yes the funds are in review period i think as you said after friday this week they will go in pending and on following wednesday i ll be able to get the funds

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