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Danny B wrote:
Any way I know that up work charges a fee i just dont know why thay have to
holed 100 dollars and what thay mean by “withdrawal to my account”

You don't have to hold $ 100. When you earn some money from work you have done, your client pays Upwork and Upwork deposits that money in your Upwork account. You can then choose to withdraw (transfer) your money to your bank or you can leave it sitting in your Upwork balance. 


So, let's say you have $ 20 in your Upwork account. You can just take that out, or leave it until there is more.


When you set up a scheduled withdrawal, you can decide the threshold. I have mine set to $ 1000 every 3 months, because I don't want any scheduled withdrawals, I take my money out as and when it suits me.

"Withdraw to your account" just means transferring your earned money to the payment method you have chosen. Your bank account or PayPal for example.


Danny B wrote:
What would happen to
that 100 if i decide to leave upwork? What if it takes me a long time to
get a contract? Why do i have to give them money in the first place?

You don't have to give them money. That's the whole point. This isn't about giving Upwork money, it's about the way Upwork gives you the money you earn.

You seem to think you have to send Upwork $ 100 and that's just complete nonsense.