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Hi everybody, is it possible for a client to withdraw a pending milestone? I am asking this because a client of a fixed price job, finally payed me the remaining milestone after some troubles we went through. I am willing to give my sincere feedback telling what happened. I mean, we use feedbacks because we want to see if we can trust a client or a freelancer, so I won't tell lies saying that every thing was ok. So, I am worrying about the possibility that the client may withdraw the pending milestone because of a not so nice feedback. Regards, Deborah

You should really speak to customer support about the process.

Bother them. Also, since I'm not sure, I can just wait until the money is available . Then I can end the contract and write my feedback.

Well, I don't think that it'll be a bother. That's what they're there for. Also, oDesk usually advises freelancers to let the client end the contract.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Deborah, If the work has been approved and the payment released to you, your client cannot take it back. Just like the client cannot pull the released payment back once the contract has been closed and feedback given. Any non-released payment is returned to the client if the contract is closed though. I hope it clarifies things a bit. If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask here or contact Customer Support.
~ Valeria