picture problems

Hey fellow freelancers. I just received the following notification: **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Anyway i uploaded another picture which is perfectly clear and during uploading and editing in the odesk system it shows a perfectly clear profile picture but due to the compression method of Odesk, the picture is showing up blurry...... After contacting an Odesk rep by chat (always very fast..kudos to them). I am still not able to bid at new projects and I am looking for new picture...Hope I find something Any other colleagues with the same problems. Is this something new. Did the guidelines suddenly change? And shouldn't Odesk give us clear instruction what the resolution of a picture has to be? Or maybe have a look at their compression method? Strange that the profile pic looks great on the editing page and totally blurred out on the profile page...... Have a great day my friends, I am going to look for the perfect "unblurrable" profile picture..


Dear colleagues, actually, I have the same problem. Odesk sent me the same notification about picture. I have just changed the picture and waiting for about 2 days, but still cannot bid on the projects. and really don't know what to do, do anybody has any ideas about the situation or picture policy has changed? If even it changed, it is almost 2 days ago that I have changed the picture but still I cannot bid on the projects. I even wrote them a letter, saying that I have changed the profile picture, but still no answer yet. Artyom.

Hello Friends, I faced exactly the same problem. I changed my Profile Picture and contacted oDesk Support. My application status was reverted to 25 from 0, in under 10 minutes. In the 18 months I have been on oDesk, I have observed that the oDesk Support team reacts swiftly and fixes problems permanently. This has enabled me to work for close to 2000 hours without any problems, whatsoever. Thank you oDesk Support Team!:) Raj Ashok



I am running into the same problem. My profile picture is super blurry when I uploaded it. I don't have paint but do have the adobe suite. If someone could give me insight into how to make my profile picture less blurry I would appericate it!!