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please newbies read this

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Candi G Member Since: Oct 22, 2013
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Okay so... I had to do a project and I couldn't get it done by myself so I hired a fellow writer to help me. My budget was $10 for a thousand words. I hired a newbie. In the interviewing process I ask them van they do this after explaining the task to them and when can I expect the task to be completed. THE BOTH OF THEM sent me an article on the subject before I could ask them to do it. I was going to pick one or the other but being the nice person I am felt that I needed to pay them both for doing the work. It was great that they showed me they could do the work and on the girl's profile it said that she had just graduated high school and that you may be hesitant to hire her. She also did not have any feedback. I know how it is to be fresh out of high school cause I am too. I also know how it feels to be scammed. Nobody should ever feel that way. If you are one of those people that likes to send articles and other work to clients before they actually give you the job don't. It is nice to show initiative, though. Maybe some of the Odesk veterans can help you out with that since i've been here for a couple of weeks. But I ended up sending them the offer, messaging them to accept it so they can get paid. Good luck in life peeps.
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Doreen M Member Since: Mar 17, 2008
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That your client knew you intended to outsource work they were paying you for? While I applaud your initiative and allowing newbies to get started, you're risking your relationship with clients!