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position removed by Upwork after I sent personal info

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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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Daniel, Please contact every bank, credit card issuer (including gas cards) and insurance company with which you have dealt in the past ten years. They have processes to flag your accounts for potential fraud. Some will require an anti-fraud password from you.


If you use any online payment processors, review your accounts and alert them as well. Any merchant with whom you have dealt, that issues credit cards, should be notified. Pay for a year of credit monitoring (a pain in the neck), and check with the big three credit rating agencies. Let them know that someone may have stolen your identity.


Most scams of this type are from prospective clients with thin to non-existent client profiles. If the buyer does not have verified payment, be leery. In any response to such a client, note that you will not accept work, nor provide information, until payment is verified. After two years' absence, I just returned to Upwork and a competitor. I recently invited a provider to a job, and he pointed out that my payment was unverified. I had assumed that everything in place when I left two years ago was still in place, and was wrong. I immediately verified my payment method.


I've been a job-board provider and employer for more than a dozen years. I research every prospective client before submitting a response. Eight or so years ago I learned that a buyer had been convicted in federal court on multiple counts of fraud. I alerted Upwork (then Elance) and he was immediately removed. Most profiles at least list the time zone. If it's noon in Vermont, and 11 p.m. where the client is, you're not in Kansas any more. I've learned how to spot questionable clients and providers pretty well.


My list of red flags is much longer than Upwork's. I can usually spot scams, narcissists, bottom-feeders, lazy clients, clients needing extraordinary hand-holding, and others. I still agreed to work for a client who is a narcissist and hand-grabber this year.


Best of luck.