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Seitu H Member Since: Jun 3, 2016
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Is a screen grab the only way to print out your messages? I got a list of corrections from a client that I'd like to print to and I don't see any other way to do it.

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Just copy/paste into a word processing program and print from there.

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Ann V Member Since: Nov 5, 2015
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Printing messages direct from Upwork should be a given! There's so many great things about the Upwork platform, but this is a big gap. Staying on top of conversations with clients should be easy and supported.


Cutting and pasting to Word, sure! Print direct from Upwork -- shouldn't be that hard to set up should it?


Thanks for a great and ever-improving platform.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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I don't think printing anything that is not essential should be easy.


Think trees and environment.

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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Petra, I might be more inclined to agree with you if Upwork messages were formatted in a more readable way that allowed a person to work digitally from message content. 


That person would never be me--I do everything on paper and the quality of my writing suffers terribly if I'm confined to working from digital source materials--but for those who have learned to live in the modern world, I'm sure it would make a difference.

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Mark F Member Since: Jul 10, 2018
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Tiffany did not get enough Dr. Suess when she was younger...Smiley Happy



Poor trees!

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Sheila F Member Since: Apr 6, 2017
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Right clicking in the messages area of the page lets you print visible messages. It's not perfect but at least it's not a screen grab of the entire window.


Also the Personal Notepad prints nicely. The three dots in the upper right (next to the phone icon) opens a menu which then gets you to the Notepad. Right-click on the top of the notepad area - where it says "Personal Notepad" to get to the browser's "Print ..." command.

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Ann V Member Since: Nov 5, 2015
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Appreciate the tips Sheila.  On my end, right click in the messages, does grab info outside the messages and with my long-winded messages, it will still be multiple screen grabs to get everything.


My kingdom for a text only print option. 


Thanks very much for the idea though. Will check out the notepad too.