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problem of Long term freelancers cannot be TOP Rated never

If you are working for a long term full time job which is more than 2 years, you can do best job ever, your client will be happiest, but you cannot be a top rated because you need to complete some small jobs with different clients by rule. Isn't that something nonsense ?  


making some small projects with total earning  of 1K  can be enough for being top rated. but having a single project with 400K which you are working for 5 years doesnot provides something like that.


Please provide some way for long term freelancers so that it will be possible to be Top Rated.

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Most freelancers want to be top-rated so that it'll be easier for them to get new clients. If you don't want to work for more than one client, then why does it matter if you get the badge or not? 

Christine, your logic is impeccable! 👍😁
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Thanks for sharing your feedback, Erman. 

We know that long-term relationships are a sign of success and they do count and continue to count positively in the Job Success score. But you are correct, in order for us to be able calculate JSS in the first place (and therefore for the freelancer to also qualify for Top Rated badge,) the freelancer has to have projects with at least 2  different clients and have at least 4 different contracts within 24 months.

~ Valeria
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