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problem with Fixed-Price Contracts terminated without payment.

I have doubts about how it will affect my reputation in upwork.

As a freelancer I finalized the contract. The client only had contraindications in the design. The designs that he did not like (that he even gave him nicknames) he wanted to re-enter.

Due to so many contradictions, I canceled the contract, I did not complete any milestones despite the fact that I made many final designs. There was no payment.

At the time of qualifying, upwork did not ask me for comments, just fill in options. Do these comments or reputation appear in my feedback?

What happens to the comments of a fixed price contract that is terminated without payment?

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Contracts that end without payment still allow the client to leave private feedback for you during 14 days after contract was terminated. If the client does leave the feedback, it will impact your JSS. If he doesn't, there will be no impact on your JSS. If he leaves a negative feedback, how much it will effect your JSS will depend on how many project you have in your JSS calculation window, but since projects are weighted by $ value, $0 projects generally don't have a big impact on JSS ( from my personal observation ).

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