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professional advice

1 if cancel invitions does it effect my account?

2 if i got job invitation sometimes I think it not familiar but I give it try, if I said ok to the client

and started work then I found myself can't do that does it effect my account?


for example I got this invite:

WordPress Full Stack Development( back end and API Looking for entry level Full Stack Development specialist.


I can build rest API using flask and python hosting on linux server using lightsail

the customer should readed my profile and he invited me so if I tried to check

how it works on wordpress and try to do the task but I couldn't is that may effect my account

or client may report me? and I should not try accept invitions like this?



Hi Mahmoud,


If a client invites you to apply, you can choose to send your proposal or not. If you need more information, you can request additional details from the client. It is always best to discuss the details further with the client before you start working on a project. Thank you!

~ Joanne
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