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Brian R Member Since: Dec 7, 2014
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Hello everyone.  I am new to this sight and have been putting out application as soon as they become avaliable to me.  The problem I have is that I keep getting declined and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. 

Is it possible for someone to look at my profile and be very honest and let me know what about my profile is getting me declined?

Trust me I have very thick skin and can handle anything you can throw at me.  I just need an honest review.

Thanks for you time and suggestions.

Community Guru
Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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Brian, consider listing your skills in order of value, with the lowest value one (data entry) last. Format your overview and break it up into paragraphs. You don't need the "my name is Brian" bit, as the profile states the name in bold big letters on top.


Be concise and try to tell your prospective clients what you can do for them, instead of listing what you have done in the past.


You'll struggle with finding a half decent paid web research or data entry job, it's one of the most competitive and inflated skill sets on this site. Try focussing on your telesales skills and apply for jobs that look for US based people specifically.


Take tests, list your education/past job history under the relevant sections and most importantly, add a portfolio. If you don't have any portfolio items, invest an hour and create a few examples (and list them as such).


Lastly, getting hired is all about the cover letter as that's what gets your foot into the door. I read many cover letters in which freelancers simply listed what they have done in their past (no matter how irrelevant to the job). The ones getting hired are usually the ones that outline what value they can provide, and back it up with enough relevant experience to create some basic trust in their abilities.


Good luck!