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More than two months have passed and I have not received any response from the client by bidding for the job or writing the cover letter beautifully. I have spoken many times in support of Upwork. I have seen all the blogs and videos you have asked me to read and watch. I have joined your webinar but I am not getting any response from the cover letter. But I am getting invitations, from which I am also getting work. But I can't get any job by bidding for work. It would be nice if someone expert could help me in this matter. If I don't understand where my problem is, how can I improve?


Hi Tawhidul,


I understand that it can be disappointing when clients do not respond to your proposals. I can see that you have already reached out to the team about your concern. One of our agents has updated your ticket and provided tips to help you. You might also consider the following resources: 


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How to Write a Cover Letter


You can find more helpful resources here.

~ Joanne
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