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Stuffing up stuff

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Kai K Member Since: Apr 9, 2014
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Hey there, the profile pictures on oDesk have a really low quality and I think this is bad for the quality of oDesk. I guess better quality pictures would make the site a lot more professional. I understand that the reduction of the quality speeds up the website, but may it eventually be possible to solve this problem? For example you could let users choose in their settings if they want to see pictures in high quality or low quality accordingly to their internet connection speed. I don't know if you could put that into action. Sincerely, Kai.
Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Kai, Thank you for your suggestion. I have passed it along to our Team for consideration.
~ Valeria
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Eric G Member Since: Jan 23, 2014
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...when you decide to implement another profile picture policy update, can we skip the step where you inform me via a profile suspension, and ignore the ticket for a few days, then fight with me for an hour over it? Because that utterly sucks and is amazingly unprofessional from oDesk, and that's the second time I've had to go through this. The second time was over a previously approved profile picture.
Community Guru
Mandy D Member Since: Jul 29, 2013
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Well said Eric. oDesk is spending too much time doing "stuff" and not bothering to sit down and really think about the other stuff they are stuffing up.
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Exp U Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Agreed. It may also be helpful to let people know what the current policy is; as opposed to randomly shutting people's accounts down for things that are perfectly acceptable according to the stated policy.