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question if the scam or no



if the client  asks me to message him on Telegram, and he asks me for a certain amount in order to make a library card or the like ( Library Card Deposit refundable fees. Is this normal or is it a scam?


Please reply as soon as possible

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scam: This question has already been asked and ANSWERED a million times already on the 'new to upwork' thread.  Please spend some time reading that thread

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If you read Upwork's ToS OR paid attention the warning message when communicating with clients, you would know that you can't communicate outside of Upwork until a contract is in place. Yes, this is a scam. You do not have a client. Instead, you have a scammer that sees you as an easy mark. Scammers ask you to break the ToS for two reasons. 1. Upwork can't protect you if you break the rules and go off platform. 2. Freelancers that are so willing to break the rules look desperate. Desperate people make good marks. Familiarize yourself with the rules to avoid getting scammed - and banned from Upwork. 

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Why do you have to go to a library? Is it located in your home town? 

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Did you read the post with big red flag that are about scams?

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