I just have interview with *** Edited for Community Guidelines *** ( i dint apply this job but they found me) for translantion. after interview they send me $2000 to my bank and tald me buy some software for this work. I didnt start yet and they send me the money. Is this normal? I was worry that is not real company. Is any one know that? Thank you


Liping - You've been scammed,,, big time. I hope you didn't cash that check or send any money to this client because if you did, you will be out for that amount.


I am just so courious as to --- why would you start looking for jobs on this site, without knowing anything about how this site works, the procedures and what to look out for?


First of all, report this client to customer support here.

Next, do NOT continue to look for work here or answer ANY invitation until you have read and gotten information on the subject I mentioned above. A good place to start would be here - Click on EVERY green link you see and read everything. Then come back here and read some of the posts. THEN and only then will you be ready to freelance here.


And finally, at this point, all interviews you get are scams. Do not agree to them.



@Liping T wrote:

I just have interview with B************r In********m company

 No you haven't - you had a scamming session with a scammer and that money will bounce. The companyy exists, the people you spoke to have NOTHING to do with them!


DO NOT "BUY ANY SOFTWARE" or anything, and you may have to change your bank details and talk to your bank immediately in case your account is compromised.


NEVER give any client your account details, NEVER accept ANY payments outside the platform, and STOP communicating with those people IMMEDATIATELY.




Hello Liping,


Could you please create a ticket regarding this issue? Please provide necessary information such as the link of the profile of your client and some evidence that will prove your claim.