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Re: "Direct to Local Bank" Recommended for Russia ( Payment method cannot be added )

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Ahmed M Member Since: Jul 29, 2019
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Please, i need your help,

I am about 4 hours now trying to Set up my Payment details as (Recommended for Russia) Direct to Local Bank (RUB), I added all the details for my bank account and after i press next , The website shows me this message (( Due to US government regulations, this payment method cannot be added. Please add a payment method that complies with US legal requirements . ))

I felt that may be i wrote wrong information or something, I called my bank to check all the information with them and it's was all right, there nothing wrong with it.

I don't know why i got this message..?

- I am Egyptian and i am living in Moscow Region, Russia now, My Bank name is Sberbank, I have 2 bank accounts (Dollar $ and Ruble ₽), i tried to use the Dollar account first and i got this message, i tried to use the Rubles account and i got the same message. ( I don't know what to do now..!!! )

I searched everywhere till i understood that i can use only the Rubles account, i tried again but i got the same message.

I searched again and i read that some people have the same case like me, I don't know this is from  Sberbank or from the website.

Please, Can you tell me what to do now? and if the problem with Sberbank, Can you tell me please which bank in Russia i can add it here and Upwork will accept it..!!!

i checked the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY and they don't write anything there.

Please, Just tell me the name of this Banks, to choose one them and go direct to open account there,


Thank you

Waiting for reply

Have a nice day

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Ahmed,


Sorry to hear you weren't able to add your bank account. Please, check out the U.S Department of Treasury website for more information, this particular Resource Center page.


You are welcome to add a different bank to your profile. If the bank is not listed as restricted by U.S OFAC restrictions it should not have any problems on our site.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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Ahmed M Member Since: Jul 29, 2019
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Hi Bojan,


Thanks for your support and reply,

I already checked it but nothing there written about which banks i can use it in Russia, there is no banks lists there,

Really they put a lot ( a lot ) of sanctions information and PDF's, i thinks this sanctions information for banks or governments not for personal and most of it about Ukraine not about Russia.!!

There is no information about name of banks and most of this information is old, it's from 2017,


I am sorry for disturbing you,

Please, All I need to know only, Which banks Upwork will accept it as Direct to Local Bank  for Payment method to go to open a account in one of this banks

or Just send me a screenshot with the name of this banks, i will appreciate that.


Thank you for your time and support

waiting for your reply.

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Alexey K Member Since: Jun 3, 2020
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I have the same problem with Sberbank. Pls tell me how did you solve it?