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"Freelancer availability Service is currently experiencing temporary technical difficulties.

I have been seeing this error message on my profile under availability for almost a month now. It's been happening time and time again.This is not a good impression to the client especially when you are applying because as an applicant client will think that we have internet issues on our end...Whats the point of having availability feature on our profile if that error message will just ruin our profile's credibility.


This error message is way worse than "not available" this can totally ruin a freelancer's chances of getting hired. Why does it need to show up on our profile under availability?


"Freelancer availability Service is currently experiencing temporary technical difficulties.


This is not good I have been complaining about this and this keeps on happening.


I hope you totally remove this kind of error message especially on the profile of the freelancer. Thanks 


this the link to the screenshot file:///C:/Users/msi/Desktop/screenshot%201%20odesk.png

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jeremy Maria,


I checked and wasn't able to see the error you are referring to on your profile. Unfortunately, the screenshot you provided is not available for viewing as well. Your profile is currently set to private so that might be the reason your clients are not able to find you in search.

Please, continue communicating with Customer Support to receive assistance.

~ Valeria



This error msg "Freelancer availability Service is currently experiencing temporary technical difficulties". comes and goes. But it happens a lot though and it is written on my profile under the "availability" instead of showing my available hours of work what is written there is this error message. I also saw this on other freelancer's profile and I have attached a screenshot this on ticket I submitted to the support. I'm trying to attach it here but its not allowing me its .png. I believe it has nothing to do with my account on private.