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"Good" job upwork

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Zelda P Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Since Elance bought Odesk, we could see tones od different updates, some new features and even name was changed. Some said it's better, some were disappointed.

Freelancers had to accept new way of working, even they were not happy with it. We got connections, paid membership, top rated stickers.... Odesk promised there will be more improvements on job filtering, so invitations for the job you have no skills, will be the past. They said.

My question is next: 

Who controls clients? Why freelancers were forced to accept all those changes, compared with clients, who can still write jobs without descriptions?

I mean all those updates they made, were mostly made on freelancers part of odesk.

I am still finding too much SPAM jobs, to much phising jobs, jobs without without descriptions? How can top rated freelancer get invititation for the interviews like this one? 

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The funniest thing is - this job is here 10 days. Without proper name, description. It's not professional at all.

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Khadezatul K Member Since: May 1, 2015
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Yes, I am agree with you.

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Olivier P Member Since: May 25, 2015
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Fully agree ! 


i think it is amazing that we see so much job offers in total disrespect of the rules of the website . Who checks this ? what the following of the flags  ?


I flagged a job offer 5 times from the same customer and each time i receive the same offer ! Crazy ! And that someone who ask to work outside of upwork so Upwork really NEED to avoid it....but no, nothing done !

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Jaime L Member Since: May 11, 2015
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Just a few minutes ago, I kid you not, I came across the following job posting:






That's it. Lol

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Robert James R Member Since: Apr 17, 2015
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I saw that too! haha

I think many of these "clients" are freelancers in the wrong section. I've seen job posts that say


"I will write for you. I'm good in English and I can write anything" 

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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@ Zelda


I was under the impression that there was something resembling a review of the job posts. But as it turns out, said reviews were only "Yup, it's posted. Next...... Yup, it's posted. Next", and repeat. Yeah, that about sums it up unless someone from UpWork can exlpain half the wreckage being posted as everyong in this topic so far has pointed out. Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply on that matter.


In other topics, I have posted a screen shot showing a "client" with 57 posts. ALL of them were the same exact thing. Complete disregard of all rules / guidelines. I posted another screen shot again of the same "client" at over 60 posts of the same job. This "client" was allowed to post that same exact job over 60 times across multiple months before I stopped seeing it. And that's just ONE example. To make matters worse, the "client" was clearly a fake. No hires, no interviews..... nothing but a big waste of everyone's time and connects. And sure enough, it went on for over 60 posts across multiple months.


It makes you wonder what happen to the claims of quality control?




@ Oliver


I see around 1-4 job posts per day that completely disregard any such posted rules / guidelines. Especially any rules about not spamming a job post.


And flagging has been repeatedly posted about as being pointless. Looks like that option isn't worth the effort it takes to click it.




@ Jamie and Robert


I also have seen those posts. Somehow it's a freelancer posting looking for work. As to how that was allowed is beyond me. Even though I do find it funny that something like that happened (that could be just me), I'd agree that those are vastly too ridiculous to have made it past any real reviews that are supposedly taking place on the job posts.


And I still wonder if that actually works for the freelancerS (note the "S" there) that have been doing it?!!

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Who controls clients?"

Contractors do.

Clients can't hire anybody unless we let them.