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"Natives ONLY"

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Natasa M Member Since: May 8, 2014
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Well we can call it a blessing in disguise.Smiley Very Happy

And  Mariam -not Miriam -sorry I can't edit that post.:-)

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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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"I think Stephen meant 'understand(s)'  and 'readers'/reader's (both correct)' Jean but he probably didn't write that because he likes to keep us all intrigued."


Actually, that means three, then, because I missed one of those you noted (Note that I'm less meticulous in the forum than I am at work, because I don't tend to read my replies three times over..).

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Natasa M Member Since: May 8, 2014
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And it is not like you are getting paid for doing itSmiley Tongue

But I am really sorry and I apologize to Jean if it sounded like I was hunting mistakes-she gave some great, great tips. The point is everybody has mistakes and there is an old saying about shoemaker...Lol, that is one of the reasons why my profile is private , ha ha .I 'm not sure I 'd survive all that criticism.Smiley LOL

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Tehniat A Member Since: Sep 1, 2016
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I hope that what you say is right. However, I am also experiencing the same situation, although I have been working over here for 6 years now. I have noticed that since oDesk has changed to Upwork, it has become more difficult to land jobs which do not have the equirement of a Native writer.

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Mariam Fatima Z Member Since: Feb 24, 2015
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Thank you everyone for your valuable input. Jean, I will deifnitely refine my intro and make it more professional, but it is written that way because I preferred a more casual and frank approach. I have already realized my portfolio needs to include text with tracked changes and I'll be changing that too. Thanks again everyone, I appreciate the constructive criticism.


And Jean? Seriously, please change that 'understand' to 'understands'.

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Pravin K Member Since: Jan 11, 2015
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Hi, Mariam


I am a Non-Native English Writer. But I don't apply for the jobs that require only Native writers. It is not because I don't have the confidence. It's only because I don't want my job applications to end up in Trash. Some clients may really look down on our skills and quality. I could use the applications for other better jobs that exactly suit my skills. I see you have more oDesk experience than I have.


I went through your profile, Community Gurus and Contributors have already suggested you the best. I suggest you to refrain from showing strong negative emotions like using the word "Annoy". It really annoys anyone reading the profile. You should concentrate on punctuations and rephrasing the sentences. No offense. You need to display more skills on your profile and slightly less jovialness.


Yet, you are already doing good on oDesk, good rating, good success rate, and long term contracts. Little tweaking could get you better jobs. At this stage, a single bad client can ruin our reputations and drag our ratings down to the floor, be careful in choosing your clients, especially writing contracts. I need to learn a lot, refine my approaches, and narrow my job searches.


All the Best



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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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A big thanks to everyone who pointed out my grammaritical errors. I realy appreciate the time you took and have been, and will continue, to make corrections.


Miriam, I wish you the best and hope the suggestions will help you to get better paying jobs. I will keep you in mind the next time I need a writer.