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"Need to hire 99 freelancers for translation" is that a scam?

It's the same job almost every day, every hour, and they target 99 or 40 languages, and the payment of any account that shares it is not verified. If it is a scam, it might be a good idea for Upwork to take a look at it, because translators are wasting their connections in vain and unable to apply for potential jobs. I think I'm one of the first people to notice this, and there are countless business posts about this. If anyone else has noticed this, please mention it in the forums.

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You can mark as red flag

Tural Babashov
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When viewing the job, click the Flag link to report.

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I wouldn't say they are all scams. You have a lot of people that are contracted out by A.I. firms and are trying to collect mass amounts of data. Voice data is very important. Sometimes they don't tell you, but yes, that's what's behind the mass collection of voices in different lanuages.

Hi Malcolm,


You have a point but here I am mentioning translation posts not voice overs.

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