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"Not even one single client ever hire me."

Hi everyone here, I just received advise from Mike J and I want to gave him best rating or shoutout for the his help. He is a great person for help. I'm new to this group and community. You already read my topic, well here it is. I'm a native english speaker and this is the only languages I speak which is why I didn't get hire. But that's not where were getting there yet. I've been upwork for six months until now. I tried create project catalogue few months. I tried proposal my own country. I tried filter and filter and read them all. I lost half my connects for nothing. The most closest I ever get through is only a canditate, but I didn't get hire in the end. I got zero response or just leave it dormant. I've create and recreate over and over of my profile and my portfolio and my picture and everything. Have you guys wonder what it takes just to get one client that can hire me? I'm talking about just one penny of client. What if the client are racist, picky, over hiring, just looking best of the best,  scam client, and client just betting their luck. Their could be something else we don't even know about them. Maybe clients have some other kind of plans that we never know something about. Or maybe it just not enough to have upwork freelancer that didn't ever get hire before. I'm waiting for someone to show up here as making video call or voice calling with me. I need to talk to someone. So someone could go through my profile and my resign company resume. And help me about my profile or something else. It must be native english speaker. For those freelancer whom in the same shoe, you are welcome to share anything here.

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Hi, your profile is not public.



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The use of paragrpahs and correct grammer and spelling may help. 

This huge, one paragpher you posted here becomes very hard to read after a few lines. Looks VERY amatuerish. 

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You face is in shadow in your portfolio picture brighten it up

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