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"Sign In" every time I enter the forum.

Every time I enter the forum for the first time I have to click on "Sign In" because it doesn't remember that I am already logged in.
No matter how many times I disconnect and reconnect by dialing "remember me", the same thing keeps happening.

I know it's not serious, but it's really uncomfortable.
What is the "remember me" for if it doesn't work?

By the way, it is not something new. This has been happening to me for as long as I can remember.

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It asks me as well, every time I return after being inactive for an hour (or so). But, when I click on sign in, it signs me up instantly, without requiring me to enter my ID and password. 

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But pretty useless if you just have to click on sign in without entering your password.

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yahya d wrote:

It's for protection no more, it may be more than one person using the same computer, or from inside a cafe, so it should be taken out every once in a while, and so are all the sites that are linked to money like banks

No, it doesn't happen to me with the profile or the messages, I don't think that's going to be it.
It only happens to me with the forums.

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