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"Similar" jobs on Upwork

So I'm looking at a listing from the publishers of a start-up magazine on women's health and fitness, emphasizing science-based best practices. They want someone to manage and develop their online editorial content. I decide it's not for me. But never fear, Upwork has alternatives to offer. Because editing is editing, right? And women's stuff is women's stuff.

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Hi Michael,


Could you please pm me the job post link you're referring to? Thanks.

~ Vladimir

Done, Vladimir, and thanks!

I am amused that the screenshot was removed, since it contained nothing but publicly available job listings, so randomly connected to the post I described as to be less useful than my description in tracking it down—that, actually, being the point.


edited to add: Since descriptions seem OK, I'll mention that the "similar" jobs included dropshipping marketing, video editing, and creation of sewing patterns for underwear.

Our visualizations are 100 X worse than whatver the wording that was bleeped expressed.  On the floor ... Smiley LOL

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