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"Sorry, we were unable to save your application."

Hello Im trying to submit a proposal but unforuntately It wont go through with a message that application could not be saved.

Checked the job posting its still up, I also clear and tried to use another browser but still has the same error. help?

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Gleb,

Our team will investigate this further and contact you directly with more details, thank you for reporting.

~ Goran

I had a similar issue about 90 minutes ago.  I hit "Submit Proposal" and the page stayed frozen.


Ultimately, I refreshed the page, rewrote the proposal, and hit "Submit Proposal" again.  The submission seemed to work alright that time.



Being able to SAVE a proposal--even during writing it--would be very useful for a number of scenarios, and would surely increase time available for the actual work. 


This particular proposal had three sections, so I believe I could have only saved one section before trying to submit it.


(If the site already offers a way to save proposals prior to their submission, I'd like to know how to access it!)


Thank you! 

thank you


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