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"payment processed" email not received

So I withdrew money on Satuday, April 3, 2021. I was expecting to receive an email that says "payment processed" in about 15-40 minutese as I usually do. But I still haven't received it until now. I was in communication with a customer service here but she told me I have to wait until April 14 then that's where they will trace what happened to my money.

The thing is, I can't wait that long. I asked my other 2 colleagues and they processed their withdrawal successfully on the same day. So please, please, can you do something about this? I know this is not holiday related because my colleagues are from the Philippines too. Thank you for your help.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Marisa,


I understand your frustration with this and I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. However, please keep in mind that It can take up to four business days to arrive at your bank. If you have not received the funds after 8 business days let us know, and our team will initiate a trace on your transaction. Thank you!

~ Goran

Yes, I get that. But maybe you can tell me why my colleagues had a successful withdrawal and I didn't? They withdrew on the same day as I did. So what makes me special?

Hi. So my money transfer went through last week. Thanks. Now, my question is I want to transfer funds again through direct local banking now. But it was a holiday yesterday here in the Philippines. Can I be assured that I will I be receiving my money instantly? Thanks.

Hello Marisa, 


I see that you have successfully initiated withdrawal on your Upwork account. It may take up to 4 business days for the payment to reach your bank account. Bank holidays in the U.S. or your country can delay your funds. You can refer to this Help article for more information. Feel free to message us if you do not receive funds within 8 days so that we can initiate payment tracing for you.


Thank you

Pradeep H.

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