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Burak A Member Since: Jul 12, 2018
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After UpWork's recent maintenance the reCAPTCHA takes way too long for image selections to reload a new image, around 5 seconds per image. We're talking about up to 30 seconds being wasted on getting through the reCAPTCHA if you're unfortunate enough to have to go through it twice. Please look into this it's frustrating and time consuming especially if you're constantly being asked to verify you are a human.

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Thanks for sharing your experience, Burak. Do you experience the same issue when using a different browser? Do you get a request to solve CAPTCHA every time you log in from the same device?

~ Valeria
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Burak A Member Since: Jul 12, 2018
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Hi Valeria, since I mainly use Chrome for Upwork I haven't had a chance to experience it on another browser. But I do know this is new and wasn't like this before the maintenance, which I'm assuming the settings were tweaked. I have reCAPTCHA on my own website and I don't have this issue regardless of browser used.


Yes I am frequently asked for verification but since I do Front-End Development I am also clearing my browser cache often so I attribute the repetitive reCAPTCHA to that.

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Kevin R Member Since: Sep 7, 2016
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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but this is super annoying.  It's pretty sucky that even paying members like myself have to deal with this more than 20 times per day.  Not to mention this usually takes me a full minute rather than 30 seconds, because my eyesight is not amazing, so that's 20 minutes per day, 140 minutes per week, or translate that to two hours that I will never be paid for every week for doing absolutely nothing but proving that robots don't pay Upwork with credit cards.  Absolute BS.  Recaptcha was designed to make sure people weren't using fake accounts.  Clearly, someone that pays is not fake, nor is anyone who has validated their profile.


I had to use recaptcha just to create this reply.  This also has nothing to do with your browser cache Burak, because I leave mine alone.  Just a tip though:  Hold ctrl and hit F5 to reload a site and it will only refresh the cache for that site rather than refreshing your entire cache.

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Kevin,


Asking users to enter CAPTCHA when we detect unusual activity is one of the tools Upwork uses to help ensure a safe online workplace. That said, it's not normal when CAPTCHA appears too often.


Please, make sure that

  • Javascript is enabled
  • Cookies are enabled
  • Your browser does not block ads
  • Your browser is not blocking Upwork analytical tools.

Thank you.

~ Bojan