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receiving irregular figures financial transactions from local bank

Hi Pakistani freelancers... m facing some issues regarding bank linked with upwork. since last 2 days in was receiving transactions emails n texts from bank in they were so much that i lost almost 10k from my account .


when i contacted bank it said its a tax deduction on your funds you are recieving online or from abroad. I am very much stressed n i want to know if this is happening with someone else as well. Why is government putting tax on freelance income? n if they have passed any such law it should not deduct any amounts from past years withdraws etc. 


please help

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Which bank are you withdrawing to? I've not heard of taxes imposed on freelancers yet. There were some news reports a few months ago which said that government is considering imposing a 30% tax on freelancers, but I don't think that has come into effect yet.


I withdraw to Meezan Bank, and there have been no tax deductions as of yet.

I use Alfalah Bank... government shouldnot impose any tax on freelancers n m facing irregular transactions from my bank n banks says its a with-holding tax on your payments from abroad

I guess we would need to check with other freelancers to see if this is happening with others.


Do you get paid Direct to Bank? I withdraw to Payoneer and then transfer to local bank.


Have you posted in Pakistan Group about this? I think you'd get more responses there.

no i use Direct bank transfer. i was not facing this issue before...from last few months m faci g this...my bank is not all solving my issue. they say this a remittance on your payments coming from abroad. a bill was paased on all the banks regarding payments from abroad n it has circulated on all the previous transactions ....this is not acceptable at all. m soo screwed


I've heard of questionable practices from some banks. When I started as a freelancer I did a brief research and read good things about Meezan Bank, and opened a Freelancer Current account with them.


Maybe you should consider changing your bank as well. And simultaneously do some research if what your current bank is doing is legal or not.


To my knowledge, there is no approval of taxes on freelance earnings as of yet. Please share your findings here so we can staty updated. Best of luck!

Alfalah has started deducting tax in the name of remittance. n my issue with bank is not solved yet..

m not at all a happy Alfalah customer anymore. thinking of closing my account n try another relailable bank..

need suggestions which bank is best?

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