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recover my account

I was close my upwork account last month. But now I need this account. Now I can login this account, but I am confuse my shis account is active or not active. Please help me.


This is exactly why I advise people not to close their accounts.


Just clear out information from your account and stop using it.


That way you have control over it and you don't need to ask anybody to help you if you decide to use it again.


Given the fact that people can completely empty out information from their account AND they can hide their account with maximum privacy settings so it doesn't appear on any website or in search results... I'm not sure what is so compelling about completely CLOSING the account. Seems like a risky thing to do.


Hi Denish,


If you can log in you did NOT close your account


I just checked, it is not closed.


If it HAD been closed all you woul have to do is to contact support and request for your account to be re-instated.


It is not a problem, you would just have to give them some time (because it is a non urgent issue you caused yourself) so it won't be the highest priority, but they can do it quickly and easily.