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ridiculous rates

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I have decades of experience and many years of successful freelancing. I feel sorry for the people on this site who are accepting the **Edited for Community Guidelines** rates shown here. It is unfortunate that the administrators of this site are adding to the devaluation of talented writers. My impression is that this is a meat market for the desperate and reinforces the ridiculous rates posted. I honestly wish you all luck. The people who run this site should be screening out embarrassing projects on here. Just setting up a free-for-all may benefit them but does a disservice to talented professionals. **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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I just ignore low rate jobs.  There are many good paying clients here, you just have to find them.  It takes some time and patience, but the pay off is great!


I have been on the site about nine months and have been steadily working since then.  

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There are clients who pay well on the site, one just has to be a little patient and ignore the bottom feeders. The owners of this site are providing a service, for which many people are extremely grateful, but nobody is obliged to use the service if they don't like it. 😉

This is no different than what one encounters in other markets with high degrees of freedom.


I can purchase a watch for $4.99 at Walmart. I can also purchase a $10,000 Rolex watch. Upwork contractors market themselves to different segments of clients.


I'm sure a lot of clients would LOVE it if they could get high quality writing from dirt-cheap writers... but what they learn if they try to do so is that it's pretty fruitless to try to do so. Clients basically accept the quality of the writing they can get for rock-bottom rates, or they pay more to get something better.


I'm sure it's common for clients to come to the realization that it's less time-consuming and less expensive to pay higher rates to more qualified contractors. It really depends on what it is they're looking for. Not everything that clients hire contractors to produce needs to be high-quality.

I think you'll eventually do well, but you just need more patience. There are definitely higher paying gigs on Upwork, and you're fortunate to have unique skills in a profitable niche.


My only recommendation is to add "writer" to your tagline so your profile appears in more search results. Something along the lines of.... 


Medical/Scientific Writer and Marketing Communications Expert.  


Also, add more to your Overview, including a few testimonials from past clients, if possible. 



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Kevin, I had the same issue when I joined UW. It made me mad too. I have since learned that there are jobs on UW that pay well.


In addition to what other people have said, keep in mind that UW is a global community, therefore there are freelancers on this site who live in places where $3/hr is living wage. There are companies hiring on this site from other places around the globe where those rates are the going rate in their country. Forcing all these freelancers and clients to the US standard of rate is not economically feasable and on a large scale unsustainable. Global economists have written entire books on the subject.


Anywho. Good luck. If you are indeed experienced and provide quality services, there is a place for you on UW.