search function not functioning



The only way that I find acceptable searches for jobs is by entering "translation" and then "recency".

The page it displays today starts at "15 hours ago"!

I tried it a few times and I tried it in google chrome and internet explorer, always the same result. Has anybody else experienced this?

About 14 hours ago when I last searched it was still functioning as usual, displaying by revency with the first item being only a few minutes old.


Please comment



While I am searching for job and filtering "Recency", I am getting job posted at least 15 hours ago. Is is happening with me or others are also facing this ?


This has been affecting me for days now. The search terms and criteria keeps getting reset whenever I click page "2" or next.

Not to mention that search is now limited, with most of the useful options removed. I can no longer order things ascending, only descending.

Was this the improvement they have been working on? I just can't even bother these days. It is so hard to search for anything these days.

---- easy like Sunday morning ----

Setu - are you using Wassim's extension? 

That's the only way I can replicate what you're seeing.


Dylan - I'm looking into what you're mentioning. I will PM you for more details. 


Yes, the search screw up is pretty bad. Saved searches now only work in the narrow feed view, and it no longer saves the price ranges you set if you use full search. Sort by relevance is a joke - how the hell is a one month old job posting the most relevant web programming result?

Tried the search function again after another 7 hours. 

I opened a job offer on page 1 and after a while I noticed it was FOUR days old! The first 3 pages contained everything jumbled incoherently together! Am I to wade through old posts when searching with "recency" on? What is this? Do I have to hire somebody to collect the relevant data for me first?


This now renders Upwork totally useless to me. If I cannot see job offers in a logical manner of sequence, then what is the use of the platform? I cannot earn a dime in the community forum, as entertaining as it is!



The "recency" setting seems to work again, am glad for that. The "relevance" function is still a joke and always has been. How relevant is Turkish or Russian in my case? I would say not at all!

The thing that really annoys me about this new search is the 'relevance' filter, that I see as being totally ridiculous, and, what's more, contrary to its purpose, because it delivers totally irrelevant results!! Using this 'relevance' filter when searching for 'web research' jobs, the first 3 results on the first page show me 2 jobs posted 5 days ago and one posted 3 months ago!!! Seriously, does Upwork think that I'm willing to waste my connects on these jobs?? The wisest solution would be to get rid of this ridiculous 'relevance' filter!!

I've noticed the same thing, Dietmar. I try to see things from Upwork's side, but I don't understand why I do a search for a phrase that I get jobs in odd orders. Some were posted days ago, some are posted hours ago. It's really odd. And no order to it other than I guess "relevance." The problem is that I don't really want to waste my connects on something posted 8 days ago. It's iffy that it will be awarded. I especially don't want to bid if he's already interviewing a few people.


Anyway, just throwing my hand up to say "yep, kinda weird."


The only thing I can think of is that they are trying to throw a mix at you of new and unawarded to see if you'll bid on the unawarded and maybe you're the right freelancer that just hasn't come along yet. The problem is that unless you have connects to blow, old jobs are less "hot" than the new ones. Maybe Jean's suggestion of fewer connects for old leads or maybe even send invites through automation to give some incentive for freelancers to bid.

@Jennifer M wrote:


....or maybe even send invites through automation to give some incentive for freelancers to bid.

God, no! Semi-automated invites are a plague on Elance. The only rhythm I get here is from personal(ish) invitations that appear to have a real human being behind them, even if they use Upworks chatty "Hi!..." boilerplate.

Please, please, please don't screw up the one client-finding mechanism that isn't already broken.


Best to all,



All - 


Confirmed that older save searches are no longer recalling the budget range you put in for fixed price jobs. 

I'm digging into this to figure out what's going on. 


In the mean time, I've figured out one work around though:

- Create a new search

- Put in the budget range you're looking for

- Save the search

- The new save search will work


Not ideal, I know. 


Dear Tam


My take on you? You are willing to improve the site and make it better for everyone!


One thing that screws up every time is the "relevance" search option. Since I started out here three months ago, I have tried to use it on several occasions but gave up. I am a translator for mainly English-German. How do Pashto, Russian and other languages fit into the search algorithm to give me relevant search results? It is just too random to be of any use, please either fix it or scrap it, it reeks of inefficiency!






Searching for particular skills (advanced search) doesn't work with saved searches at all. None of the jobs that show up on My Job Feed when I select the saved search link has that skill mentioned anywhere. None! (For example, I've selected skill: (twitter-bootstrap), but see job posts for Japanese fashion articles instead!)


+ There should be an option that allows to sort projects by the date they were added. The Recommended link shows really relevant jobs for me, BUT - most of them are 7+ days old! Not useful at all.

I posted yesterday about the bug in the job search where the results displayed by "recency" started with 15 hours ago.


Guess what! Its is back!


I ran several searches today that displayed correctly during the day, the one I ran a moment ago started at 15 hours ago again. I repeated the search after having opened the relavant page anew, same rubbish results! 


Are we going to play this game on a daily basis from now on? I am running a one-man business and have no time for trial and error functions on a daily basis!


Mr.Tam, please come to the resue!

Hi Dietmar,


Thanks for the feedback. Can you please submit a request and share the search parameters you used with Support so our team can try to replicate the issue?


Dear Vladimir


Search parameters? Basically none, except "translator" or "translation" (both don't work!) plus "recency".


Same prob as we had yesterday.




Dear Vladimir


Been working on my contract the last few hours. Went to check it out for you just a moment ago. It is working again, so nothing to report to CS at the moment anyway. I just hope the bug stays wherever it is that bugs live, hope it doesn't come out tomorrow again. I will keep an eye on it tomorrow, it is my preferred modus operandi anyway when on the prowl for jobs.




@Tam L wrote:

Setu - are you using Wassim's extension? 

That's the only way I can replicate what you're seeing.




As Dietmar has been pointing out, the problem is intermittent.


Yes I am using Wassim's extension. And if for some reason it is causing the problem (which I doubt), perhaps Upwork should consider paying him some money and adopt his extension into their platform.


It is providing more utility right now than search itself.

---- easy like Sunday morning ----

@Vladimir G wrote:

Hi Dietmar,


Thanks for the feedback. Can you please submit a request and share the search parameters you used with Support so our team can try to replicate the issue?

I thought TAM was a part of the TEAM. He is representing himself that way.


Are we not to believe he works on the team? 

@Dietmar Thomas B wrote:

Are we going to play this game on a daily basis from now on?

Yes.  I noticed this "bug" a while ago and I expected it to be fixed before the end of beta, but it's clear from this thread that people at Upwork can't even replicate it.


The problem is that saved search seems to also save your pagination location.  So if you browse through 10 screens of jobs and come back to that search 6 hours later (or 15 or whatever), it starts you off on page 10.  You can scroll to the bottom of the page to verify you're not on page 1.  I always just hit the Search button at the top to get back the newest results.



Thomas - 


One clarifying question, you're seeing incorrect recency sort on the search results page correct? Not the find work home one.


Here is how I'm trying to replicate:

- log in

- input search for translator or translation

- sort by recency 


Expected result:

- Results are sorted by recency


Actual result (sometimes):

- It's not working


Am I missing any thing else? For example, are you leaving the page open and coming back hours later and pressing refresh? Etc. 


Thanks for your help!


@all I'm reading the feedback and comments in this thread, so if I don't reply directly, please be assured that I'm seeing it all. 


@thomas & @gunta, thanks for providing those specific use cases


@setu - Sorry for being unclear (if I was). Specifically, turning off Wassim's extension enabled me to go page to page without losing my search filters. I will keep an eye on this. 


Edit: @setu, you're right. The filters are currently sticking with Wassim's extension on. Continuing to explore.


@all - I think I've finally figured out how to replicate the 'recency' issue. 


Can you confirm you're doing something similar to the following:

- running a search

- going to the next page 

- leaving your computer, or leaving the tab open for a while

coming back to your computer/tab and clicking 'search' again



Dear Tam


The irregularities happened when I opened "find work" and "find jobs" either way. I very seldom work on the page after having left it open for some time; usually it is newly opened.

Then I define "translator" or "translation" and click enter. Afterwards, I click on "recency" and hit enter again. 

The last two days the displayed results started at 15 hours ago (not 14, not 16!!) each time. Why is the number 15 so important to the programme? Why does the bug take over for a couple of hours only and then vanishes again into thin air?


On both occasions, it happened around lunchtime GMT. I then closed the page and restarted my search. I tried it through "find work", when that showed no improvements I went to "find jobs". I executed this several times always starting out on a freshly opened page, to no avail. I even changed my browser from Google Chrome to IE; it still displayed starting with 15 hours ago.


For what it is worth, I also have Waseem's search function installed, I hope they don't clash.


Sorry for the late reply but even I have to submit my body to periods of sleep.




Dear Tam


As an update, search by recency is working fine again today.


Just on the sideline - when is the "relevancy" going to be fixed or removed? I find translating a Hebrew article not relevant to MY search at all. The same goes for all the other 50-plus languages filtered into my search! I am capable of handling four languages and that is it, Maybe it would be better if I learned all those other languages too?