short trip to USA - which visa to apply

Dear community,


My client I've been working for half a year within Upwork asked me to make a short trip from Ukraine to his office in USA to bring the development to the next level. I'm expected to continue to work via Upwork during the trip, so I wonder which visa should I apply for? B1?


Did anyone have a similar experience?

Did you manage to travel to USA for a short trip to your client in USA?



We think you are awesome and we wish you all the success in the world.


But this is really and truly the wrong place to be asking questions about what kind of visa to apply for... Or about working while traveling abroad... 


Upwork is not going to answer those questions for you, other than to tell you that their official policy is to ask Upwork users to obey the laws of whatever country they are in.


Any Upwork user, including myself, can only offer advice or opinion and all of it will be non-authoritative. I have seen really inaccurate opinion expressed in this Forum on these topics, from well-meaning people, including by myself.


My advice is to do your own research and consult with authorities and don't necessarily believe any opinions you read here.

Aside from all that, I wish you well on your upcoming trip to help your client.


If you will be in the Phoenix area, please let me know so we can make plans. I'll take you out to eat to enjoy some great local cuisine.

Thank you for your comment, Preston. Well, Upwork's boasting of huge freelancer's community, so I hoped to hear some true stories due to law of large numbers.