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should I apply or not

So while searching for typing job I came across a job , payment method was verified but the client directly wants to connect via telegram or whatsapp.Should anyone apply? 

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No. Its a scam. Read forum for details.

If someone ask you for whatsapp\telegram\skype before contract started then report it and block. Never speak with messangers\eml without contract. Only via Upwork.

Hello, could you please look into my profile.I am not recieving any job where the payment is verified

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This is the third time you ask if such a kind of job is a scam or not. Three basically identical questions. I don't mean to be rude, but don't you think it's high time for you to educate yourself about how things work?

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Shruti, why would anyone hire you? You can't just claim to know how to do things without any hint of a proof and expect people to trust you.

I would suggest that you worked on your profile before spending any connects foolishly.

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I recommend you do all the Academy courses and improve your profile utilizing everything you learned. Only afterwards start sending proposals again. It will also help you recognize a scam yourself, no need to come to the forum to ask about. 

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Shruti:  if you keep asking same question again and again nobody will answer your posts in future.   People will think you just don't understand things.   you claim to have a BS in information technology and you are going after typing jobs!  For your reference there are very very few real typing jobs.  Rest and specifically who ask to talk on telegram or other non upwork channel of communication are FAKE.


Put on your thinking cap and think why would someone respond to your proposals when you have nothing to show on your profile?

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