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Sanja D Member Since: Dec 18, 2013
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Sometimes client's questions in the job postings are really appropriate.

I just saw a job posting - client is asking for a logo design, branding guidelines and evaluation of their current branding. Budget - $5. Question: What question you have about this project.

I was seriously tempted to apply, just to be able to put "Are you serious" in that box 😉

Oh, and there are 2 applicants already...


Do those clients really expect someone to provide 3-4 logo suggestions, several rounds of revisions and complete brand guidelines (along with evaluation of their current branding) for 5 bucks? Actually, $3.50 (after upwork fees and paypal charges)? Job like that takes at least 12-14 hours, and that comes to approx $0.3 per hour. 



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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Sanja, if you go to and search for logo design, there are evidently many logo designers in this price range. I clidked on the first one that's listed, they have 12522 buyer reviews, and 203 orders in queue. You do have to wait 7 days on average, so I guess you post on Upwork if you need it faster than that.

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Sanja D Member Since: Dec 18, 2013
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I had no idea about that...

So, that logo expert makes on average one logo per hour, never sleeps, or eats...fascinating...

Maybe it's a robot? 😉



I checked the provider you've's a company...or a person with multiple personalities disorder, lol. He keeps saying "We". They charge extra for just about everything - vector files, "complex" custom logos, revisions... 

In the end, it's about $50...

I often wonder why don't clients simply buy 10 logos from Shutterstock...

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Ramon B Member Since: Jan 11, 2015
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I think lots of clients tick questions because they believe that this will somehow weed out unsuitable applicants. In fact, seeing a huge swathe of irrelevant questions in a small job does just the opposite. Which is why some freelancers have generic cut-and-paste answers for this eventuality.